Thanks for Caring about Cats and Birds

Posted on May 28, 2016 by Nancy Brennan

Lou Not Hiding in Purple Flowers with Birdsbesafe

Here's Lou, not hiding in the purple flowers, because he's wearing the bright colors of Birdsbesafe cat collar covers. This photo, which came from a customer recently, sums up how our products work:

  1. Cats try to be stealthy and invisible when hunting. They stalk slowly. They seek "cover" in plants. And then they attack birds, when they can.
  2. Birds, however, have a special ability to see bright colors really well, (songbirds do), and,
  3. When the cat's head is seen surrounded by our bright colors, the birds gain time and opportunity to avoid the predatory threat and fly to safety.
  4. We know from customer feedback in North America, and from scientific testing, that the Birdsbesafe cat collar cover can very greatly reduce the number of birds caught by outdoor pet cats.

Now, I know Lou, here, looks like he's napping, but that's not really the point. Smiley-face-here.

So, if you have a cat and you let the cat outdoors, join us at Birdsbesafe and try our well-tested, market-proven, scientifically validated solution for protecting birds from cats.

We have worked for 7 years to make sure our colors and patterns are the best for protecting birds--and we even have reflective trim around the edge to help your cat stay safe around cars at night. You can trust our products.

Oh, and our innovative product is sewn in the U.S. because we can do that, and we want you to feel good about supporting U.S. sewists.

Birdsbesafe company is a small company with a big mission. We have the same mission as when we began in 2009: We want to save as many birds worldwide with our innovation as we can.

There is one difference between 2009 and today: And that's YOU, the cat owners who are already using Birdsbesafe cat collar covers. You are making this product a success, and saving a lot of birds in the process. Thank you for caring about cats and birds.

And from the bottom of this entrepreneur/birdwatcher's heart, thank you for your help in spreading the word! We are having so much success now, and we owe it to cat owners like you. We couldn't do it without you.