Bird Love

Posted on July 27, 2014 by Nancy Brennan

There isn't a better way to say it: I love birds. I'm the originator and owner of Birdsbesafe LLC and I love birds. It's mid-summer in Vermont where I live. Last weekend, I couldn't think of any reasBicknell's Thrush Habitaton not to hike to the top of our favorite local mountain. It was a multi-hour hike through the woods, surrounded almost the entire time by bird song. I think the cloud cover helped the songbirds want to keep singing, even through mid-day. I heard beautiful Hermit Thrush melodies that always overwhelm me. I caught a coveted glimpse of a Black-throated Green Warbler, known locally as easy to hear and hard to see. And near the summit, I heard the local star, the Bicknell's Thrush quite a few times, but no lucky glimpse of one. It's okay: I just love hearing my bird friends sing. 

Yes, I think the birds are my friends. I'm prone to walking out into my yard, around the garden, saying things like "Hi birds. It's me. The Birdsbesafe girl." I probably shouldn't admit that, but it's true. After five years of bird-saving pet product development and marketing, not only do I know more about e-commerce, accounting, and patents than I ever thought I would, I also know more about birds. Much more. I have just been paying more attention.

It's funChestnut-side Warbler, Vermont ny how "birdwatchers" generally are most excited by rare or out-of-place birds. Now, I was as thrilled as anyone to see a Snowy Owl in Vermont last winter or the Snow Buntings or Northern Hawk Owl, all of which usually stay further north. But I'm also as charmed by my yard's constant companions: the Red-eyed Vireo's chant or the Chestnut-sided Warbler's incessant phrases. I like best the birds that I see and hear, whatever birds they might be: common or rare. 

And the more birds I know, the more birds I love. And the more birds I love, the more important all birds seem to me. They are magnificent creatures and I adore them.

Which has made it easy to dedicate the last few years to saving them from our housecats thatJill's cat in Birdsbesafe go outdoors. I actually have an indoor cat now because my wild wooded yard has animals that prey on cats. She's content to hunt the mice that sneak indoors and I'm content to know she is safe inside. It would be fine with me if all cats lived indoors. But if you're letting yours outdoors, please at the very least protect the birds with my simple, home-grown solution to cats hunting birds. Make your cat superbly visible and the large majority of songbirds will fly away from your kitty. (Read more on the Catsnbirds page or FAQ page.) 

If you're not yet a birdwatcher, try it. It's a beautiful hobby for your soul. Find a nature center near you and go on a birdwaBirdsbesafe Driveway Markertching walk. Beginners are always welcome. Wear drab colors; don't talk above a whisper, if at all; and get started with affordable binoculars because it's not about how much you know about birds or how great your equipment is: It's about how much you let yourself love hearing and seeing birds. From what I can tell: there's really no limit on bird love!

Thank you to all my customers for helping save the birds from cats. I hope you enjoy your local birds as much as I do mine.  Cheers, Your Friend, The Birdsbesafe Girl