Ringing the New Year In

Posted on December 31, 2014 by Nancy Brennan

new colors of Birdsbesafe 2015

Happy New Year. Greetings from the waning hours of 2014 in North America. Birdsbesafe® LLC wants to wish you, your cats, and your local wildlife (especially songbirds) a very happy New Year for 2015. To celebrate, we have put the following highly festive new patterns on sale on our Shopping Page.

The red one is an old favorite from 2011 or so. Neat! It's available while supplies last. The other three feature yellow and bold colors. 

Be sure to dress up your cat for the New Year's party, or at least, for the new year. Remember, if the songbirds can see your cat from a distance, they'll have time to fly to safety nearly all the time. (Songbirds have a 4th cone for color vision ability that makes bright colors extra-bright. And they have extra rods so that they see well in low light conditions too.)

Plus, you'll love the reflective piping that helps make your cat visible by reflecting car headlights!

We've had an exceptional year in 2014 with many successes. The most rewarding is hearing from you about your cats--and their foiled bird-catching. Here's wishing you a safe and wildlife-friendly 2015. Stay tuned: Birdsbesafe has big news coming in 2015 for birds worldwide! Cheers, Nancy