Scientific Report: To Be Published Soon

Posted on January 17, 2015 by Nancy Brennan

Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers were the focus of a 24-week field study at St. Lawrence University in Canton NY, in the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014. The data is in, and the scientific journal article is in the queue to be published soon. Dr. Willson's article will be published in the Global Ecology and Conservation Journal, an online journal by Elsevier publishing. The date is early 2015, and when we know more exactly, we'll mention it here.

We're very excited and can hardly wait! Our focus at Birdsbesafe has always been one thing: Save birds from cats. We developed a way to stop our own cat from catching birds, and wanted to share the bird-saving with cat owners everywhere who face the same problem. We use good bird biology knowledge (about songbirds' color vision) to give the advantage to the birds, so they can see a bright dressed cat and evade capture by flying away. Simple. Effective. Even--cute!

Perhaps because it is--on the surface--so simple a solution--and perhaps because it is a little silly to see a cat "dressed up not-to-kill", or perhaps because it's been a one-woman mission to produce and market Birdsbesafe collar covers, we're not sure we've always been taken 100% seriously. Was ours a frivolous product with overstated claims? No. But where was the proof? Customer testimonials are great, but they don't always sway people's opinion. So, a significant portion of people have had a "wait and see" approach.

"Let us know when you have some science behind it."

"Do you have independent proof?"

"How do we know it really works?"

The data is in. We've seen it. It's fantastic. We are hopeful today. Five plus years since we gained our first customer, our product is about to make a splash in the scientific community.

After the independent science study is published, it shouldn't be as hard to convince people that the product works. We've inched along, with ever-increasing sales and a growing reputation. Patience, persistence and integrity have seen this tiny can-do, will-do company through the lean years.

We can't wait to share the scientific study with all of you! Soon, friends, soon! We'll try to stay keep our feet on the ground, but we are looking forward to this next phase. Especially, we are hopeful that the conservation groups that care so much about birds will take us more seriously.

We're in the business to meet one simple conservation goal: Save as many birds as possible from outdoor cats. Until all cats stay indoors, we are in business to protect as many birds as we can.

Thanks for caring about cats and birds. More news soon!