Of Collars and Customer Satisfaction

Posted on February 01, 2015 by Nancy Brennan

Customer Satisfaction

UPDATE: The Australian scientific research team has just published a paper on their field work testing Birdsbesafe products. Their field testers (aka cat owners) reported very high rates of satisfaction with the Birdsbesafe cover in regard to cat comfort.

Here's what they said: "79 % of owners reported that their cats had no problems with the [Birdsbesafe cover] and another 17% reported that their cats adjusted within 2 days." 

And, what's more: 77% of study participants in Australia planned to keep using Birdsbesafe on their cats in the future.

The difference between these numbers and those from the St. Lawrence study is explained below.

The St. Lawrence University field study also polled cat owning study participants about the product's likability after the cats completed one or two 12-week field trials. In the fall portion, as fully disclosed in the science article, there was a problem where the interior collar performed, well below expectations, and it fell off about 50% of the cats in the first month of the study. That created quite a bit of havoc that testers had to cope with, such as replacing lost collars and adding more time for them to be cooperating with the study protocol.

That particular problematic interior collar is no longer sold here on our site, and it was only sold briefly. It was a nationally known brand with a good record for safety and sales. It simply came off too often (breakaway collars release under pressure) for reasons we are still discovering.

In contrast, in Australia, field testers had few collar issues to contend with. They used a locally supplied collar that the research team had good experience with previously.

If you know about cat collars, it's hard to find the perfect one that stays on when it should and comes if when it needs to, under pressure. Even the biggest pet companies have trouble designing cat collars, so, we are doing our best, but the science study got a bad batch in the fall, which we then helped switch out for a better performing one.

We were able to re-supply the St. Lawrence study eventually with a more satisfactory brand and design of collars, and then, as the researcher writes in the paper, then collar losses were at 10% which is very good for breakaway cat collars.

Unfortunately the earlier loss rate seemed to have left a bad impression on testers .

We're confident in the cat collars that we sell now, and we have a lot of happy customers. We take care of our customers, and if you have a problem, let us know and we'll fix it.

The main point is this: Don't be overly swayed by the seemingly low rate of customer satisfaction from the New York based study: it's an anomaly. We have good collars to match with Birdsbesafe covers now! And our many long-time loyal customers will tell you: They are happy with how Birdsbesafe performs!