The Colors of Birdsbesafe® Cat Collar Covers

Posted on February 09, 2015 by Nancy Brennan

At the Birdsbesafe® company, we obsess about fabric colors and patterns. We've been paying careful attention to which fabrics work best to warn birds since 2008. We've got it "figured out" at this point. How did we figure out the magic formula for bird-warning success?

It involved paying a lot of attention: to shades of colors, patterns of colors, and principles that seemed to emerge over years of selling these. We keep photos of past fabrics, with notes, and we keep track of things like which fabrics were used by cat owners who raved about success, which fabrics were re-ordered many times, and which received less than stellar comments.

Our customers, back a few years ago, would receive free covers to replace sub-par performing ones. We always take care of our customers. And our customers have taken care of us: providing testing of new fabrics, too.

In 2015, we are selling patterns and colors that work very very well. It's not random, and it's not a guessing game. We have principles guiding the fabric choice--and these principles have proven themselves over years and thousands of cats. So, buy with confidence and in the very unlikely scenario where you don't feel happy with the colors' performance, let us know and we'll take care of it.