Cat Collars

Posted on July 31, 2015 by Nancy Brennan

We try to keep a couple of good collar styles (and brands) in stock and available for you. Occasionally, we may run low, so here are some features to consider if you shop elsewhere for your breakaway collar.

1) The buckle. Contoured is nice so it doesn't irritate the cat's throat area. How well does it release? We like the brand "kitty clip" buckle which was manufactured especially for cats and releases with a good amount of pressure, not too much, not too little.

2) Collar hardware. We like slim designs on supporting hardware. The buckle is curved and the other pieces are not too bulky.

3) Materials: Webbing, stretch elastic or cotton? Any of these can work. We like soft and lightweight. Your collar will be inside the Birdsbesafe cover, so it won't get much direct wear and tear. It won't get scratched much.

4) Stretch or no stretch? This is a matter of preference: your cat's and yours. Some tester cats lost all collars they tried until they tried a stretch one with a breakaway buckle. These cat owners were able to stop being frustrated by lost collars and covers, so we are convinced some stretchiness is important.

5) Brand: We buy some of the collars that we sell from a small U.S. company that has put a lot of care into the details: great buckles, materials and a nice look. These are made in Taiwan. Our cotton collars are a no-name brand, but they have the same good quality buckle specially designed for cat collars.