Sewn in the United States

Posted on November 11, 2015 by Nancy Brennan

Colors and Patterns of Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers

We're proud of having a great product that was invented in Vermont, by company owner, Nancy Brennan, and is now helping to save birds worldwide. The current crop of Birdsbesafe® collar covers are an especially nice array of fabric patterns, we think. And... they're sewn in the United States. Here is a little more information on what that means to us.

We run our company with our "green values" and sustainable business ethics. We're in Vermont. If you throw a stone in our little state, you will hit another "green business" that is trying to do the right things for the environment. Some of the companies are household names, and many gather together under the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, a group we like a lot.

We make a songbird-saving product, so we have a green product right there. We're in business to do bird conservation. Ideal!

We have a great manufacturing partner in the United States who sews for us. The have a cooperative structure, with some members being owners. We're lucky to work with them. The quality is awesome, and we are supporting a great group of people--and so are you. Thank you for helping to save birds and helping to keep U.S. sewing shops working.