Go Home for the Holidays with a Birdsbesafe Outfit for Kitty

Posted on December 16, 2015 by Nancy Brennan

Bergamot by Harry Duns all rights reserved copyright Birdsbesafe LLC

You could have the best outfitted cat at the holiday gathering, if you like birds and want to protect them from your outdoor-going cat. Our Birdsbesafe cat collars use bright colors to warn birds that a cat is nearby. Songbirds see bright colors exceptionally well, and so can ID your cat from a great enough distance to have time to fly away to safety. I invented it, and it worked so well that we went on a mission to help birds all over the globe. We're Birdsbesafe, and now our patented products have been shown to reduce birds caught by 87% in a scientific study at St. Lawrence University.

Birdsbesafe products are enjoy a holiday surge of publicity this week. It began last week with Conor Gearin's reporting in The Atlantic online, which happened to coincide with an article in Conservation Magazine online, as well. Then The Atlantic article crossed the Atlantic ocean and was reported on in Germany, at moz.de and we're told to expect more German press soon. Wilkommen!

I'm being interviewed on Irish radio later this week, and will try my best not to ramble on. I'm excited. This has been a great week for spreading the word about how to save birds with bright colors. Our bright colors have been researched over 6.5 years!

One note: The press mixes up the issue of feral cats with a discussion of our product. Just so you know, we are not marketing a product for feral cats. We don't think it's suited to use by feral cats for many reasons. What we are doing is helping the approximately 60 million pet cat owners that let their cats outdoors curtail their cat's bird-hunting or come very very close to curtailing it. Easily, with no fuss. And as a bonus, their cats will look adorable! 

Thanks for caring about cats and birds, and for spreading the word so we can all save more birds. Peace, Nancy