International Migratory Bird Day at Birds of Vermont Museum

Posted on May 29, 2009 by Nancy Brennan

We had the pleasure of meeting folks at the International Migratory Bird Day event held by the Birds of Vermont Museum. If you don't know the Huntington Vermont museum, it's a great place to see a remarkable collection of wood, hand-carved birds that represent most of the species found in Vermont.

For our day, we spoke to people about Birdsbesafe cat collar covers and how they work. Then we luckily met the reporter from the Burlington Free Press, Lynn Monty, who wrote a nice story on us. We don't have a link to it, but here is her opening sentence (which we found quite clever):

"Nancy Brennan of Birdsbesafe LLC, is trying to make sure that cats in our region don't end up looking like the infamous 'cat that caught the canary.'"

We really enjoyed meeting a wildlife rehabilitator, seeing the museum, chatting with folks, and meeting Bernd Heinrich, local expert bird biologist.