Luna, The Golden Doodle, with a Birdsbesafe "Dog" Collar Cover

Posted on September 20, 2009 by Nancy Brennan

After seeing a story in the local paper about Birdsbesafe LLC, a local woman contacted us to see if we might help her with her bird-hunting golden doodle named Luna. Yes, this comes under the "now I've heard everything" category, but it was interesting. Her dog regularly makes a full speed dash from her door into the fenced in yard and charges the birds feeding under the bird feeder 30-40 feet from the door. And he leaps in the air and catches some often as not. Could a bright colored collar cover help protect birds from Luna? We had to try!

Now you can see the dog yourself and hear the owner speak about the success on this Youtube video.

Hint: It worked! The dog stopped being able to catch birds. They flew away just a bit faster and were saved. I have to admit that I was 1) gratified and 2) a little surprised at just how well it worked. How fun! Now whenever I drive past her yard, I get a big smile on my face. So glad she asked for Birdsbesafe's help!