Liz Gilbert, Author of Eat Pray Love, Posts a Birdsbesafe Testimonial

Posted on April 15, 2013 by Nancy Brennan

Birdsbesafe, I admit, is still a small business, but we take very good care of all our customers. After four years of online selling, Birdsbesafe has a loyal and growing following. Every time I package up your order, I write "thank you" on the note that goes inside. And I mean it. I'm very grateful that other people are helping the birds stay safe from their cats. It's my moment to pause and be thankful.

Last week, it was hard to slow down to hand-write "Thank you". We were soooo busy. Why so busy, you ask? Because our website had ten times the normal numbers of visitors, leading of course to ten times as many orders going out.

It was a bit of a mystery, at first, what was going on.. but it turned out that long-time customer Liz Gilbert had written up Birdsbesafe and shown her cat Clifford on her FB page. Liz Gilbert is also known as Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love and portrayed by Julia Roberts in the movie of the same name. She has been a customer for about 18 months now. Liz' full blog post is here with the title: Question of the day: Is your cat a murderer? I would like you to meet Clifford.

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her. And no, she's not my cousin's cousin's in-law's neighbor or anything. She tried Birdsbesafe and found it works. And she sure writes a nice endorsement with her sparkling prose.

Facebook really made her words (and cat photo) travel. Thanks!