Cats Indoors or Out: You Decide

Posted on November 07, 2012 by Nancy Brennan

At Birdsbesafe, we can help your outdoor cat catch fewer songbirds by wearing the Birdsbesafe cat collar, but should your cat go outdoors in the first place?We think that it's up to you.

Your domestic cat, as your veterinarian no doubt has mentioned, is likely to live longer if kept indoors away from the risks of accidents, contagious illness, injury--or worse--from other animals that prey on small mammals. 

Mentioned less often is the impact that your well-fed and usually sweet-natured cat has on the wildlife that it captures. Birds, rabbits, small wild animals of many kinds, even butterflies, frogs, lizards or other creatures can be preyed upon. Your cat has an indoor safe haven and indoor food source, but it hunts "for sport" or, really, just because of its instincts, training and biology.

Birdsbesafe cat collars are only able to help protect songbirds. Should you cat go outside? It's up to you. 

I have an indoor cat, now. Emmy is our Birdsbesafe model, but she stays indoors. I had an outdoor one for a decade, then an indoor cat. I enjoyed not worrying about the cat's safety outdoors and also not feeling bad when the cat caught a wild animal.

I had planned to have only indoor cats, subsequently, but then George, who led me to my Birdsbesafe invention, was an outdoor cat belonging originally to my husband. George's bird-hunting was atrocious--until I solved it by inventing what is now called the Birdsbesafe cat collar cover. It was so great to foil his bird-hunting that I've spent a lot of time making sure you have the same option to be relieved of bird-guilt.

Currently, my sweet little Emmy is an indoor cat who favors a small basket habitat. I've reverted to having an indoor cat for their safety because Vermont is full of dangers to cats.

At Birdsbesafe LLC, unfortunately, we don't know how to save every type of wild animal from your outdoor cats that hunt. Instead, we're pragmatic. We offer this partial solution: we can help you keep birds safe from your cat. We offer to help you protect songbirds because we know it matters and we know it works.

Every once in a while, we get told we're not doing enough to protect wild things or not doing exactly the right thing, because, we're told, all cats should stay indoors. Very rarely, someone expresses this sentiment rather forcefully. (I'm always startled.) However, we just don't think we can make your decision for you... it's your cat; you decide.

Meanwhile, if you need us, we're here. Birdsbesafe cat collar covers can help protect songbirds if your cat does hunt outdoors.