Spring is Coming: Birdsbesafe is Ready!

Posted on March 11, 2016 by Nancy Brennan

We've seen Canada geese flying overhead several times this week, migrating, and the local temperatures hit 60 F! Our Vermont office is surrounded by beautiful woods, but with the warm week we've just had, the forest floor is no longer white with snow. We lost all our snow cover--what little there was. Very disconcerting, as January and February were record-breaking warm months, and March seems to be of the same mind.

But we were already "thinking spring" for customers, cats, and birds, so here is a little news from the bird-saving headquarters at Birdsbesafe LLC.

  • New US-sewn cat collars.  We are now happy to be selling an elastic, stretch breakaway buckled cat collar that was sewn in the U.S. for our company. So far, we just carry it in a green color, but we'll expect to add more choices in the future. It's not fancy, but it is sturdy and pairs well with Birdsbesafe covers. It's a good value and you can be pleased with the source.
  • Did you know all our Birdsbesafe cat collar covers are sewn in the U.S. and always have been? We are proud of our commitment to U.S. manufacturing. Yes, it does cost us a little more, but we sleep better at night knowing where our products are made is in the U.S.
  • New patterns. We have added some new patterns recently, and we are working on some new exclusive designs. Every Birdsbesafe collar cover we make has the benefit of our seven years of being in business--and all the feedback from cat owners has led us to have a "fabric formula" that works well to warn birds and help the birds notice the cat. Our expertise is unmatched!
  • International attention continues to grow. Our company and product continue to receive press in the U.S. and beyond. We are going to see our product featured on a German television show sometime this year. We've been in the news across Europe, and we are working behind the scenes to improve how easily European customers can buy our products. (More news on that soon.)
  • We continue to sell our own bird-saving innovation, the patented Birdsbesafe collar cover, at a record pace. It's really great news for bird conservation: we're helping save so many more birds now. Recently, someone asked us did we really invent this product: "it seems so obvious." That was a nice compliment! It goes to show what seven years of marketing a successful solution can do! But, yes, we really did invent it--and then cat owners who care about birds have helped us make it a success! Thank you!