Birdsbesafe and Fine Art: Loraine Wellman Paints Cat Portraits

Posted on October 07, 2013 by Nancy Brennan

Sometimes our customers put up flyers at their veterinarians' office about Birdsbesafe, like Tara in Oregon does. Sometimes they tell their friends about us on Facebook--and sometimes, like Liz Gilbert, they have thousands of Facebook friends. Sometimes our customers run an inn, like one in southern Vermont, and their housecat wears Birdsbesafe and the innkeepers (thank you Caitlin and Peter) tell everyone how great it is. Sometimes our customers offer us a photo shoot, business advice, or a testimonial from overseas. Sometimes they offer to do a scientific study!

And sometimes, it turns out, our customers paint fine art portraits of their cats wearing Birdsbesafe cat collar covers. Check out Loraine Wellman's two portraits on her blog. And while you're there, check out the rest of her art. We don't know Loraine, personally, but we think we see a Van Gogh influence here--no kidding--do you?

Portrait of Digby by Loraine Wellman

Portrait of Isabella by Loraine Wellman

Sometimes, Birdsbesafe owner Nancy Brennan just can't help but smile at all the fun involved in helping to save birds from cats!