Birdsbesafe: Red Carpet Style at the Oscars

Posted on February 29, 2012 by Nancy Brennan

"The show must go on." No matter that I had the flu or could not stop coughing. Oscars night was coming to Hollywood, and Birdsbesafe was hitching a ride on the red carpet. The show must go on! Here's what happened.

We got a very interesting email from the woman behind "The Tiniest Tiger." The Tiniest Tiger, aka The Conservation Cub Club, is a website featuring Gracey, a nice cat, and her owner's whimsical sensibilities, along with good information about big cat (eg, tigers) conservation topics.

Did we want to include a Birdsbesafe cat collar cover and some promotion in their gift bag for a red carpet pre-Oscars party in Hollywood?

Our own housecat, being named Emmy, thought this was a pretty good idea. So we hustled to get everything set up for inclusion in a Hollywood event that would be a gift bag giveaway and show for stars in the week leading up to the Oscars.

Then, about the time the flu hit us hard, we sent out a short press release about this venture. It went onto our local TV news that night. And onto the AP wire. And led to two on-camera interviews and one radio interview on the prestigious MarketWatch syndicated radio show run by the Wall Street Journal folks.

Oh my. It did not lead to a Hollywood movie star endorsement... not yet, anyway, but here are the links for some of the press we received. ... And if you notice, I managed to look like I did not have the flu at all! The show must go on!

LINKS to Press:

1. Nancy Brennan live on "Everything Animals" WCAX-TV on February 27, 2012

2. Story on Birdsbesafe going to the Oscars on WCAX Feb. 22, 2012.

3. Radio interview with MarketWatch's Steve Orvolitz: On Feb. 24, 2012

4. Hometown newspaper, the Waterbury Record covers the angles here, on Feb. 23.