Reflections of Birdsbesafe Owner after two years of saving birds from cats

Posted on August 01, 2011 by Nancy Brennan

When Birdsbesafe cat collars were first introduced by us in 2009, we only had the great experience of George, our killer of birds, who stopped almost entirely with bird captures after wearing Birdsbesafe colors. 

A year after he was "cured" of bird-hunting success, I brought Birdsbesafe to market because I felt that I had to do it--for the birds. I didn't have a lot of business experience, but I knew that Birdsbesafe had kept George from killing probably close to 50 or more birds in one year. (He got one or two, ground-nesters.) 

"If not me, then who?" I thought. "If not now, when?"

One of my early customers, Tom, was disappointed with the way the inner collar came off too easily from his cat. We wrote email back and forth, and I begged him to try several different inner collars until I found the one that I use now--which is very good and stays on most cats most of the time--but does release under pressure. Tom was generous enough to stick with me--and he was motivated because his cat, Jorgina, was a real bird-demon like George had been. And happily, Jorgina's bird-hunting was thwarted by Birdsbesafe, too. I recently heard from Tom, again, and Jorgina is still a Birdsbesafe success story.

I am so grateful to my customers, new and old, loyal and helpful. I've had such great exchanges of notes and pictures. People thank me for protecting the birds, for persisting with this little enterprise. Volunteers like Ina or Tara show up every once in a while and go far beyond what I would expect--and help me sell the Birdsbesafe cat collars. Wildlife rehab centers get on board and educate their public through websites and sales. 

I'm a very lucky small business owner because I still get a thrill sewing up the collars, packing them up and sending them off to do the good work of helping to save birds' lives. Thank you to everyone that helps this little business keep going by ordering and by telling their friends. The business is starting to get feathers in its wings.