Building Peace Between Cats and Birds

Posted on December 02, 2016 by Nancy Brennan

Bergamot for Birdsbesafe. Copyright 2016 Birdsbesafe LLC all rights reserved
A new book by Peter Marra and Chris Santella, entitled "Cat Wars", discusses the conservation issue of cat predation on wildlife. The authors' approach to the subject divides the interested factions into "cat people" versus "bird people." We have some thoughts on this topic, ourselves, after 7.5 years of hearing from cat owners who are concerned about protecting birds.
Framing the problem as a war between cat people and bird-lovers shows an unfortunate bias. We think it's inaccurate: it casts all cat owners who let their cats outdoors as wrong-doers with no regard for birds. At Birdsbesafe company, we hear from a constant stream of cat owners who definitely do care about birds.
Our customers are often bird-lovers who want to protect birds, but who have a cat that is hard to restrict to being kept indoors. Here is just the most recent testimonial we received about the Birdsbesafe cat collar cover.
Just wanted to add my voice to the others. My originally wild rescue cat was bringing me gifts...just like others have said. I bought the collar a couple of years ago and she took to it immediately. Birds are safe! ... I'm going to get a new collar because mine has faded. Thanks you so much for creating this amazing way to protect birds without hurting or getting rid of our wonderful cat friends.
In the United States, there are about 50 to 65 million pet cats that go outdoors where they may hunt. The average cat-owning family has 2 cats. That means that there are about 25 to 32.5 million cat owners who could choose to protect birds from cats, if they knew about our solution, the Birdsbesafe® cat collar cover.
Rather than emphasize a theoretical disregard for songbirds' safety, we wish Marra and Santella had included the message that there is a valuable, new, affordable solution for cat owners who wish to protect birds. It's called Birdsbesafe®!
In a recent article discussing "Cat Wars" in The Atlantic ("Why Do So Many People Like Cats"), the author suggests that, in regard to cat predation on wildlife, "a moderate solution and affordable solution doesn't really exist." But we think we have just exactly that!
Luckily, our scientifically validated cat collar cover is used by more and more cat owners. We have probably saved hundreds of thousands of birds, by now. And the word is spreading because Birdsbesafe covers really work. Just this week, our product was presented on the BBC "The One Show", where a cat owner reported finding no more birds caught by her pet cats whilst they were wearing Birdsbesafe collar covers for a month! (See prior blog post for details.)
We think that damping down the "war" rhetoric is an important step, so that people understand that many cat owners care very much about wildlife. Here at Birdsbesafe headquarters, we will keep trying to build a bridge of peace between cat owners and birds lovers, who, we find, are often one and the same.
Help encourage bird conservation groups and others to stop seeing all cat owners as uncaring about birds. We think there is a lot of room for sharing the goal of protecting birds.
And cat owners: if you can, please keep your cat indoors. If you do let your cat out, please try to limit its roaming if you can, and please try to protect the birds! We have made an affordable and effective solution that is comfortable and safe for your cat, while also being scientifically validated!
Thanks for caring about cats and birds!