It Takes a Village

Posted on October 04, 2016 by Nancy Brennan

It takes a village to raise a child, they say, and it certainly takes a village to start a business from scratch. We have always been lucky finding support for our efforts at Birdsbesafe LLC.

Our business lost a member of its inner circle today, with the passing away of our gentle mentor and personal friend. He was our first champion of our efforts here, and he sustained his enthusiasm, never balked at our questions, gave expert advice, and celebrated our successes.

He always looked at the glass as half full, and although that is a cliche, when you are running a business, it is good to have someone a phonecall away who can describe any challenge as an opportunity. And it's even better when they have faith in your ability to persevere and succeed. I was blessed to have this MBA consultant "on call" for the last eight years, generous with his time and his guidance.

We will continue to try to honor him by being a strong business with a great product that helps saves birds far and wide. Thank you, PD, for your grace and strength, in business and life. We are beholden. And we will miss you, dearly, not just in business, but in all else.