It's a Flying Cat with a Birdsbesafe Cat Collar Cover!

Posted on March 27, 2017 by Nancy Brennan

Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers are featured in the March/April issue of Pacific Standard magazine, a popular west coast magazine. 

You can read the Pacific Standard article by Peter Andrey Smith here, and it's more than just an article: There is also a video of "flying cats" by published pet photographer, Julie Christie.

She used a technique of gently dropping a cat from a few feet in the air (onto a soft surface, harmlessly) and photographing the cat mid-fall. It's safe for the cat and results in some unusual photographs!

You can find the entertaining Flying Cats photo-shoot video on the same link as above, just click through and scroll down! Here's a real life cat, named Watson, leaping downward in his daily activities in Colorado. His owner is very happy with how few birds this active hunter catches now.

Watson Flying: Colorado customer cat