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Diagonal Stripes Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover

4.8 / 5.0 based on 689 reviews
$12.95 USD

Diagonal stripes make the patented Birdsbesafe® cat collar cover easy for birds to see.

Made in USA, in all-cotton, washable fabric.

Reflective piping trim for car safety at night.

It is a fabric tube, open on both ends, and will come off for safety when used with a breakaway buckled collar.

Reminder: Buy a cat collar, too. This is the collar cover.

Customer Reviews

Based on 689 reviews
Liking it so far.

When I adopted 2 kittens this gal decided she’d become an outdoor cat. She wears a loud bell on her collar but I wanted to be sure she’d not be a bird killer. She has no problem wearing this and I think it’s cute. Hopefully come Spring the birds will all be safe.

Young o.w.
Reduced hunting success!

My black cat is a great hunter. He has brought in birds,mice and even a bunny! After the bunny incident I knew I had to do something. I started buying these three years ago. They are pretty,durable,washable, my cat doesn't mind them and they make him easy to see. Birds see colors, so now they can see him coming. They are trimmed with reflective material too.This has reduced his bird kill from 2 or3 a week to or 1 or 2a month.

Proud members

Our Walter and Mollie are proud to be members of the BirdsBeSafe community!

Deborah M.
Miss Kitty


Kabita S. (San Francisco, US)
Cat loves to wear her collar

Our cat, Belle, is a great hunter. At first, we celebrated her prowess and were tolerant of her supplementing her diet with mice, gophers and rats. However, when she started bringing home hummingbirds, we had a problem. She liked to bring the hapless beauties into the house and let them fly around for sport. Once caught, feathers, poo and body parts were scattered throughout our home. My husband found the collar online and we gave it a try. She seemed to tolerate it okay and true t advertising, it seemed to give the birds enough warning that our peaceful home was restored.

Belle is an unusually well behaved cat. She naturally knows that she is welcome on the floor, her cat perch, our laps and the bed. One day, we noticed the collar needed a bit of cleaning, so we popped it in the wash and left it on the counter to dry. Later in the day, Belle found the collar and brought it to where I was sitting and mewed . Though we never saw her in the counter before, she had retrieved the collar from the counter and brought it to me. It really seems she wanted me to put it on. Since then, it happens every time we remove the collar and leave it on the counter. It seems Belle not only tolerates the collar, but loves it!