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Want to protect birds from your outdoor cat?
Birdsbesafe® collar covers make your cat easier to see, and birds fly away to safety.

Cats normally rely on being stealthy and unseen while hunting. When wearing Birdsbesafe's bright colors around their necks, cats are easily seen by most songbirds.  Birds simply fly to safety to avoid the cat!  With a Birdsbesafe® collar cover, it's like your cat is wearing a bright flag that signals: "Danger, here." It's scientifically validated and was shown to reduce birds caught by 87%!

Bird Biology: Songbirds see bright colors especially well--even in low light. Their eyes include specialized cones for easily perceiving bright colors and making those bright colors appear prominent in the environment. Their special extra rods help them to see bright colors well in low light conditions, like at dawn or dusk.