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Scientific Study Of Birdsbesafe Collar Covers

With year-round use, you can expect about an 87% reduction in birds caught by cats that wear Birdsbesafe® collar covers, according to an independent scientific study. The 24-week field study was conducted by St. Lawrence University researchers in New York state, U.S. in 2013 - 2014.

Researchers compared the prey caught when cats wore Birdsbesafe® collar covers, to when the cats wore no collar at all. The study results were described in the Global Ecology and Conservation Journal. The authors wrote: "The conservation implications are clear: if owners of outdoor cats choose to use Birdsbesafe® collar covers, a significant factor in the decline of bird populations would drop precipitously." See our summary here for more details on the study.

Australian Study: There's also a second science study from Murdoch Univ. in Perth, Australia. Their study showed their local birds with good color vision and herpetofauna were significantly protected by our products, with a combined 49% reduction. Our summary is here.