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On Sale Now! Holiday Cheer pattern is for bird and cat lovers! Patented Birdsbesafe collar cover alerts birds, so they gain time to fly to safety.

Made in USA, in all-cotton, washable fabric.

Reflective piping trim for car safety at night.

It is a fabric tube, open on both ends, and it will come off for safety when used with a breakaway buckled collar (purchase collar separately).

Reminder: Buy a breakaway cat collar, too. This is only the collar cover.

Customer Reviews

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Ann Gillen
Not sure yet

Our little predator killed a chickadee the very first day he wore his collar cover. We’ve added a bell and are keeping our fingers crossed that this will further impede hunting success.

Jessica T.
It's Definitely BRIGHT

I love the light reflective edging. We got this after our cat maimed a bird during a supervised but unleashed excursion in our yard. I 1) took the bird to a rehabber (a story of it's own), and then ordered my little hunter this collar cover, along with a set of pretty and LOUD bells.

Maria Little

I have been using the collar cover for two years. Helpful in so many ways. The birds like it, and the neighbors like it. Most recently he was stuck in a tree. He is not allowed out at night, and usually comes to door right on time. This time I had to go looking. I heard him, but it was the collar with the reflective trim that helped me spot him. However, the most recent covers are wider by about 1'8 inc. than the original ones I've been buying. Doesn't seem like much, but the wider one keeps getting wet when he drinks water. Thank you.

Claudia D.
Wow, thank you again! 🦉

Eddie (orange cat) and Willie say thanks for keeping them from being bird killers! Love your product. I tell everyone I know about your collars. I love birds! I love cats who keep birds safe.

Karlene DeVine
Fancy Country Cat

I have been using Birdbesafe collars for several years on Nick Claws, my hunting cat. The bell on the break-away collar doesn't prevent him from catching rodents. But, I don't find bird feathers and remains in the yard like I used to. With all his energy, if I kept him in the house, he would leave his mark--shredded furniture. teeth punctured plastic bags, pursuing higher perches. I have had to replace the Birdbesafe at least 5 times in the intervening years. For that, I am grateful. I would be heartbroken to think Nick was hung up somewhere on his adventures unable to free himself. I usually order a pack of 3 and some extra breakaways. And, have gifted some to friends who have indoor-outdoor cats. Nick is good about coming in the house at night. But, if I have to call to him, the bell enables me to hear him returning and that gives me assurance. When I return home after dark, the reflective feature allows me to see him coming to greet me. Thank you for this great "invention".

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