Saving birds from cats with Birdsbesafe® collar covers

Favorite Dots Birdsbesafe Cat Collar Cover
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Yellow Dotty Birdsbesafe Cat Collar Cover
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Bright Stripes Cat Collar Cover by Birdsbesafe
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Red Dots Collar Cover
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Do you want your outdoor cat to stop catching songbirds? We can help.

Songbirds see bright colors especially well due to their special eye anatomy. The colors look even brighter than to the human eye. So, a stalking cat will be instantly noticed by songbirds when it wears a colorful Birdsbesafe® collar cover. Birds simply fly to safety!  It's like your cat is wearing a bright flag that signals: "Danger, here." Most cats either catch no more birds or they catch very few birds. Even the most skilled bird-catching cats see their capture rate plummet. Cats that rely on being stealthy and invisible until the last second of the hunt are quickly and easily seen by songbirds. The odds are tipped in favor of the birds escaping danger completely!

Frida in VermontThe patent-pending Birdsbesafe® collar cover is a tube of fabric, held onto your cat's neck by a cat collar that is placed inside it. It's safe for your cat to wear because its breakaway collar releases under pressure, allowing both the collar and fabric cover to fall free. Reflective "piping" (trim) on the Birdsbesafe® collar cover helps protect your cat from cars at night. Many cats wear our products 24/7. Cats can groom and feed with it on. It's comfortable and cute! Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers are made with care in the U.S. Visit our Shop Page here to buy one now!

Woody in his element A scientific field study at St. Lawrence University was conducted in the fall of 2013 and spring of 2014. "It is clear that the [Birdsbesafe cat] collar [cover] is effective at decreasing bird deaths." In the spring portion of the study, cats were 19 x less likely to catch a bird if they were wearing a Birdsbesafe cat collar cover. (Read a summary on the university's conservation dept. website.) The full report will be published in early 2015 in Global Ecology and Conservation journal. We're looking forward to sharing all the details with you because it validates our claims! We wrote a blog post about the study details that have been publicized so far: here.

Our product is an invention born of desperation, the clever solution of a Vermonter who stopped her own bird-obsessed cat from catching birds. She used songbirds' color vision sensitivity to make her cat more visible, and the birds flew away. When it worked to stop her cat nearly 100%, she decided to help others protect birds too. This innovative device is hard at work saving birds in deserts, ranchland, suburbs, cities, and country, all around the globe! See our many testimonials on our Feedback page. One favorite customer, Elizabeth Gilbert, author, wrote a blog post about Birdsbesafe here. "Dress up your cat. Save your local birds. It's awesome," wrote Ms. Gilbert!

Here's a short video introducing the Birdsbesafe® cat collar cover.


Twelve to 16 birds are estimated to be killed per year by each of the 60 million or more outdoor pet cats in the U.S. alone. These numbers really add up! Cat predation on birds is a recognized conservation problem around the globe. If you can, keep your cat indoors. If you let your cat outdoors where they can hunt, please consider using a leash/harness or Birdbesafe® collar covers. Read more about cat predation on birds on our "Cats 'n Birds" page. (For more product info., see our FAQ page.) We're a small business trying to make a big difference for birds.

Join us in protecting birds from cats! Thank you!