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Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers use bright colors that make your hunting cat instantly visible to songbirds. 

Since 2009, our Birdsbesafe collar covers have used bright colors to warn birds that cats are stalking them. We invented our bird-saving device to stop our own cat, George, from his terrible bird-killing. It worked so well that we began to sell Birdsbesafe cat collar covers to help other cat owners save birds in their yards.

Frida in VermontHow does a patent-pending Birdsbesafe collar cover work? It's a tube of fabric, held onto your cat's neck by an interior cat collar. Songbirds have special eye features (a fourth cone for special color vision and extra rods) that let them see bright colors as extra-bright, even in near darkness. Our brightly colored collar covers are easily and immediately noticed by birds. It's like your cat is wearing a bright flag that signals: "Danger, here." Birds recognize a cat as a predator, so birds fly away to safety. You can expect about an 80% reduction in songbirds caught. Many customers report almost no more birds killed after their cat wears Birdsbesafe.

Scientifically Proven Effective At Reducing Birds Killed by Cats: Woody in his elementA field study at St. Lawrence University in New York tested Birdsbesafe cat collar covers in 2013 - 2014. Dr. Susan Willson, bird biologist, led the work. The university's conservation department wrote: "It is clear that the [Birdsbesafe] collars are effective at decreasing bird deaths." See the study summary (here). Dr. Willson, bird biologist, spoke to public radio Oct. 1, 2014, here. She noted that in the spring 12-week portion of the study cats were 19 times more likely to catch a bird when not wearing Birdsbesafe. Publication of a detailed analysis is forthcoming in a conservation journal.



After collecting and identifying prey remains for birds and mammals both with and without collar, it is clear that the collars are effective at decreasing bird deaths - See more at: http://www.stlawu.edu/conservation-biology/news/dr-susan-willson-birdsbesafe-cat-collar-study#sthash.ml1zigZp.dpuf

Customers' Results: Most cats either catch no more birds or they catch very few birds. Even the worst “problem bird-hunting” cats become largely unsuccessful at catching birds. We have a lot of testimonials that you can read on our Feedback page, including endorsements from Elizabeth Gilbert and a wildlife rehabilitation center. You can check our FAQ page. And if you still have questions, contact us and we'll respond within one to two business days.

Summer 2014 Birdsbesafe Cat Collar Covers

 Cat Comfort and Safety with Birdsbesafe:

• A Birdsbsesafe collar cover is tube-shaped fabric with a breakaway-buckled cat collar inside it
• Both will release under pressure for cat safety outdoors
• Cats can either wear Birdsbesafe 24/7
• Birdsbesafe covers have reflective piping to improve cat safety from cars at night

Visit our SHOP page to buy our collar covers for only $8.99 and add a breakaway-buckled cat collar for $5.99. We do our best to keep our US-made collar covers priced well for you, so you can protect birds. Our stretchy breakaway cat collars hold the cover in place really well. Read about our fantastic customer service here.

Songbird predation by cats really adds up. Please keep your cat indoors if you can. Read more about the problem cat predation on our cats and birds page. Our local TV station made this report on Birdsbesafe in 2011. Here's a testimonial by Pacific Wildlife Care in California.

Here's our short YouTube Video. Thanks for learning more about Birdsbesafe and how to protect birds from cats!