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    When cats wear Birdsbesafe covers, they still hunt, but catch 87% fewer birds.

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    The Birdsbesafe® collar cover is a tube of fabric, held on by a breakaway collar inside.

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    Bright colors are seen by songbirds as extra-bright because of their special color vision abilities.

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    Birds gain time to see the cat from a distance and fly away to safety!

Saving birds from cats with Birdsbesafe® collar covers

Bright Stripes Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover
Bright Stripes Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover $9.99
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Red Dots Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover
Red Dots Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover $9.99
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Birdies! Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover
Birdies! Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover $9.99 $9.19
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Cat Collar - Stretchy and Breakaway Buckle for Safety
Cat Collar - Stretchy and Breakaway Buckle for Safety $7.99
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We help protect songbirds from outdoor cats. Scientifically proven, safe, comfy, and cute!

The patented Birdsbesafe® collar cover is a tube of bright colored fabric, held onto your cat's neck by a cat collar. Cats normally rely on being invisible while hunting. With Birdsbesafe, the cats are quickly and easily seen by most songbirds.  Birds simply fly to safety!  It's like your cat is wearing a bright flag that signals: "Danger, here." An independent scientific field study in the U.S. showed an 87% reduction in birds caught, on average, over a year, when cats wear Birdsbesafe® collar covers. With six years in business, we know how to save birds from cats.

Frida in VermontBiology Facts: Songbirds see bright colors especially well due to their special eye anatomy. They have more rods and cones than humans. Bright colors look even brighter than to us. So, a stalking cat will be instantly noticed by songbirds when it wears a colorful Birdsbesafe® collar cover.

Cat Safety: We recommend using a cat collar with a "breakaway" buckle that releases under pressure, so both the collar and fabric cover fall free if caught on something. We put reflective trim on the Birdsbesafe® collar cover to help protect your cat from cars at night. It reflects back the light of car headlights. Cats can wear our products 24/7. Cats can groom and feed with it on. It's comfortable and cute!

Science Studies: St. Lawrence University researcher, Dr. Susan Willson, led a study in the fall of 2013 and spring of 2014. Overall, 87% of birds were protected when cats wore Birdsbesafe® collar covers, compared to without it. "The conservation implications are clear: if owners of outdoor cats choose to use Birdsbesafe® collar covers, a significant factor in the decline of bird populations would drop precipitously." The full report is in the Global Ecology and Conservation journal, here. Or read a short summary on our blog post here.

Australian Study: There's also a second science study in the Journal of Applied Animal Behavior, from Murdoch U. in Australia. Their study showed their local birds were significantly protected, as well. News of the Australian study was publicized on the Australian Broadcast Corporation website, leading to a viral story on Birdsbesafe's effectiveness. You can read all the related news stories on our web-page "In the Press."

Woody in his elementVisit our Shop Page here to buy one now! Buy Birdsbesafe® covers for $9.99 each. Our fabric collar covers are made in the U.S. More information coming soon about our new manufacturing partners. Our special fabrics are chosen with care and expertise, using more than six years of testing, feedback, and analysis to create our "bird-warning formula." Cat Collars: We also sell two styles of breakaway cat collars that pair well with our product.

Here's a handsome cat wearing Birdsbesafe.Original Innovator: Our patented product is the clever solution of a cat owner who stopped her own bird-obsessed cat from catching birds. Her knowledge of bird biology led her to exploit songbirds' color vision, making her hunting cat more obvious and ending his terrible reign as a bird-catcher. It worked so well, she went into business to help save birds worldwide. Feedback: You can also read many testimonials on our Feedback page. One customer, Elizabeth Gilbert, author, penned a blog post about Birdsbesafe here. "Dress up your cat. Save your local birds. It's awesome," wrote Ms. Gilbert!

Recent publicity finds Birdsbesafe® products featured in stories in Audubon magazine online, Smithsonian magazine online, Discovery News, Mother Nature News, and many more. See our "In the Press" page for this expanding list. Our product is also featured in Modern Cat magazine summer issue. Stories heralded our innovative use of color for the good of protecting birds from cats. Some poked fun at our cat's fashion. But fashion follows function. If you save lives by dressing up your cat in bright colors, that's a beautiful thing!


An Important Conservation Issue: Twelve to 16 birds are estimated to be killed per year by each of the 60 million or more outdoor pet cats in the U.S. alone. Cat predation on birds is a recognized conservation problem around the globe. If you can, please keep your cat indoors year-round. If you let your cat outdoors, please consider using a leash/harness, pet enclosure, or Birdsbesafe® collar covers. Read more about cat predation on birds on our "Cats 'n Birds" page.

For more product information, see our FAQ page. We have a good video on cat comfort and safety.  We're a small business trying to make a big difference for birds, and it's working. If you like to use Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, look for us and spread the word!

Join us in protecting birds from cats! Thank you!

Recent Articles

Birdsbesafe Study at the International Conservation Biology Congress
August 12, 2015
In Montpellier France last week, Dr. Susan Willson of St. Lawrence University presented information about her study of Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers during the International Conservation Biology Congress. Her poster session was entitled, "Birds be safe: Can a novel cat collar reduce avian mortality by domestic cats (Felis catus)?" This study was previously published as a journal article in Global Ecology and Conservation Journal.
Crop of Colors
August 05, 2015
Crop of Birdsbesafe covers for late summer 2015
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Growing a Business: Fledging from the Nest
August 01, 2015
Birdsbesafe® LLC is an admittedly small business. Yet we also have a worldwide mission of bird-saving and a great product to help cats be seen (and avoided) by birds. We are gaining new momentum this year and we want to share some headline developments.
Cat Collars
July 31, 2015

We wrote an FAQ about cat collar features to help with your shopping. You can read the expanded version here. It covers such topics as these:

Materials: Webbing, stretch elastic or cotton? Any of these can work. We like soft and lightweight. Your collar will be inside the Birdsbesafe cover, so it won't get much direct wear and tear. It won't get scratched much.

Stretch or no stretch? This is a judgment call. Some tester cats lost all collars they tried until they tried a stretch one with a breakaway buckle. These cat owners were able to stop being frustrated by lost collars and covers, so we are convinced some stretchiness is important.