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In the Press

Protecting wild birds from happy cats.

With our bird-saving mission, the Birdsbesafe® company gets a lot of media attention. See a sample of our publicity, below. Our blog also mentions many stories, as they happen. You can also check our Youtube Channel for our Birdsbesafe videos. Thank you!

Recent Media about Birdsbesafe® collar covers:

  • Modern Cat magazine featured our brand in their spring/summer 2024 issue. Find our feature on pages 12 and 79 of the digital edition here.
  • From the Netherlands, a TV feature story on the problem of cat predation on birds, including Birdsbesafe cat collar covers, is here (from 2021).
  • April, Earth Day, 2021: We made the list of top ten eco-friendly pet products by the editor of People magazine Pet section: See it here.
  • The New York Times 9th place winner in a student editorial contest discussed and recommended our product in his story, Collar the Cat! Congratulations to the young author, who brings attention to the 2015 St. Lawrence U. scientific study of the Birdsbesafe collar cover. (Spring 2020).
  • In April 2020, National Public Radio featured our product in a radio story about the impact of cats on wildlife, including birds. Lauren Sommer's story was entitled The Killer At Home: House Cats Have More Impact on Wildlife than Wild Predators.
  • An independent scientific field study in Scotland and the Isle of Man published their results in the Journal of Zoology on October 9, 2019.
  • Biorama, an Austrian magazine about the natural world, featured our product in this October 2019 article. It will appear in their December print issue. Journalist Thomas Weber wrote about the new UK scientific study results.
  • Publicity in Switzerland came along in fall 2019, in
  • "How to Have More Birds in Your Life" ran in the Marin Independent Journal in Sept. 2019 profiling our product.
  • Le Soleil featured Birdsbesafe collar cover in France in Sept. 2019.
  • Bend Oregon's The Source Weekly ran a story titled "At Last! A Way to Protect Birds from Cats" ran this story in August 2019.
  • Country Woman, national print magazine, published a nice photo of our product with a short description of Birdsbesafe collar covers and how they work. Spring 2019. Great article for spreading the word!
  • Animal Wellness ran a story on Birdsbesafe in April 2019. We loved the subtitle: "How one woman's creative invention is saving the lives of birds across the globe."
  • A Florida newspaper, Ocala Star News, ran this story in March 2019.

Other Media Stories:

  • Burlington Free Press reporter, Dan D'Ambrosio, interviewed Birdsbesafe company founder, Nancy Brennan, in late 2018. The story was featured on the front page of this Gannett newspaper on the Monday after Thanksgiving! And a photo from that story was highlighted in the 50 state business section of USA Today. Making Vermont and bird-loving cat owners proud!
  • Good News Network picked up the essence of the Gannett story in December 2018. See story here.
  • Rodale Press "Organic Life" online magazine featured Birdsbesafe in 2017 in a story here.
  • Pacific Standard magazine featured our product in a story in their March 2017 print issue. There is also a wonderful photograph of a flying cat, wearing Birdsbesafe, and a video of the Julie Christie photoshoot. (Same link.)
  • The Atlantic online magazine featured the writing of Conor Gearin, who interviewed us about the origin of Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers, on Dec. 9, 2015. Great article!
  • Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds radio show: Host Ray Brown interviewed Nancy Brennan about Birdsbesafe company's origins and our product. Here's the link: go to 8:36. (Jan. 2016)
  • Conservation magazine reported on our product and the two 2015 scientific reports of efficacy. (Dec. 9, 2015)
  • An online Audubon magazine article profiled Dr. Willson's field study, Feb. 2015, and our products were mentioned in another Audubon magazine article (online) appeared in July 2015.
Scientific Studies and Publications:

    Other International Press:

    • Dutch TV featured Birdsbesafe products in this feature on Atlas TV. You will need to know Dutch, but the video is here. The show describes the problem of cat predation on birds in the Netherlands, and features the merits of our product as a possible solution. (Spring 2021)
    • Also in the Netherlands, an online article in Pratjik vor Kattengedrag, discussing a UK science study, which included Birdsbesafe collar covers.
    • Birdsbesafe® was profiled in a TV feature on The One Show on BBC in December 2016. This in-depth reporting showed a woman who tested the Birdsbesafe cat collar covers on her two outdoor-going cats. She said that they stopped catching birds when they wore our product! (There is difficulty in viewing this video outside of the UK, alas, due to BBC policies. The solution? You can view it by using a virtual private network service. Try TunnelBear, for instance, and set your location to the UK.)
    • Birdsbesafe® collar cover was described by a German university as the Patent of the Month of June, 2016, and you can see the article here (in German). So cool!
    •, a Swiss media outlet, covered Birdsbesafe here on Jan. 17, 2016,
    • Our products were described in in Germany and in Natursiden here in May 2017.
    • In the UK, a story on catios included information on Birdsbesafe.
    • Other international press stories on Birdsbesafe ran in January 2016 in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovakia, Mexico and more. Some translation required. The Swiss article is excellent! An article appeared in Danish press in March 2016.

    More Publicity from 2009 to 2015:

    • Discovery News website had a feature on Birdsbesafe science studies here.
    • Daily Mail, the large newspaper from the United Kingdom, weighs in with a story about Birdsbesafe and Australian research results. And the Mirror, also in the U.K. nicely captured the essence of both the U.S. and Australian studies in a story here. (Wins our appreciation for humor, accuracy and readability!)
    • Petsafe® company's cat journalist wrote a mention of Birdsbesafe® products in her article about cat predation activities and how to stop them, here.
    • Stowe Today, the Stowe Reporter's online news site and the Waterbury Record, in Vermont cover the science study news here. It's a good summary.
    • Report in, a serious review of Dr. Willson's field study, in a European online ornithology journal. Click "translate" button to read in English. Feb. 2015.
    • journalist, Richard Conniff, weighed in with this article.
    • Mother Nature News, has their input, here.
    • Smithsonian online magazine gives Birdsbesafe's Australia study results a quick look here.
    • We received a mention via a reference to the St. Lawrence U. science study, on Wikipedia's page about cats.
    • Our local paper, The Waterbury Record, wrote up our news when the science study information was beginning to be discussed in the fall of 2014.
    • Viral Media Day: March 23, 2015. Many publications and websites wrote about Birdsbesafe® products following the publication of related science studies. Here are some links: Modern Cat Magazine; Yahoo News; MTV;, The Examiner;  Discovery News; The Weather Network; Science Times;; (thank you!); Happy Place E-cards; One Green Planet;Inquistr; Fur Bearer Defenders (best title: Fashion and Function Meet in Bird-saving cat collar), Australian Broadcasting Corp. produced a viral article that traveled the world. 
    • Elizabeth Gilbert, well-known author and satisfied customer, wrote a blog post about Birdsbesafe in spring of 2013. It's some of the best writing on our product, of course!
    • Our local Vermont TV station WCAX filmed a feature story on Birdsbesafe co. in April 2011, presenting how and why the product works to save birds on their Made in Vermont series.
    • The first story on Birdsbesafe, locally, was in 2009, right after we went in business.