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We help birds be safe from outdoor cats

Many Stripes Birdsbesafe Cat Collar Cover
Many Stripes: Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover $8.99
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Yellow Flower Collar Cover
Yellow Flowers: Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover $8.99
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Vivid Stripes Collar Cover
Vivid Stripes: Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover $8.99
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Roy Stripes Collar Cover
Roy Stripes: Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover $8.99
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Blue Stripe Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover
Blue Stripes: Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover $8.99 $7.99
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Cat Collar: Stretchy and Breakaway-buckled
Cat Collar: Stretchy and Breakaway-buckled $5.99
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Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers have bright colors that can make your hunting cat instantly visible to songbirds. 

Black cat strikes a hunting pose for Birdsbesafe.

Since 2009, Birdsbesafe collar covers have used bright colors to warn birds that cats are stalking them. We invented our bird-saving device to stop our own cat, George, from his terrible bird-killing. It worked fantastically well! We love birds, so we knew we had to promote our great solution. Our unique device now helps cat owners around the world protect birds from cats in their backyards.

How does a patent-pending Birdsbesafe collar cover work? Songbirds have special eye features that let them see bright colors as extra-bright and so our fabric patterns are easily and immediately noticed. It's like your cat is wearing a bright flag that signals: "Danger, here." Birds recognize a cat as a predator, so birds fly away to safety.

Customers' Results: Most cats either catch no more birds or they catch very few birds. Even the worst “problem bird-hunting” cats become largely unsuccessful at catching birds. It's not 100% preventative of captures in all situations, but it is dramatically successful. Cat owners rave about its wonderful effectiveness. Most often, a customer is skeptical before trying it, and then writes to us to say: "It really works!"

Do you want more detail? You can read more Feedback , including endorsements from Elizabeth Gilbert, and published accolades from a bird biologist. Also, see our FAQ page. For customer cat photos and comments, check out our Facebook page. You can also read reviews by our Amazon customers, here. And if you still have questions, contact us.

 Cat Comfort and Safety with Birdsbesafe:

• A Birdsbsesafe collar cover is tube-shaped fabric with a breakaway-buckled cat collar inside it
• Both will release under pressure for cat safety outdoors
• Cats can either wear Birdsbesafe 24/7 or just when they go outdoors
• Birdsbesafe covers have reflective piping to improve cat safety from cars at night

Summer 2014 Birdsbesafe Cat Collar Covers


Shop for US-Made Birdsbesafe® collar covers here:  Only $8.99 for a Birdsbesafe cat collar cover and $5.99 for a breakaway-buckled cat collar. Your set of collar and cover would cost just $14.98. We've been in business for five years helping you protect birds in your yard. You can trust your friends at Birdsbesafe LLC. Read more about our customer service here.


Emmy poses for Birdsbesafe at home page

Songbird predation by cats really adds up. Please keep your cat indoors if you can. If you do not keep your cat indoors, please use Birdsbesafe to reduce your cat's predation on songbirds. Read more about the problem cat predation on our cats and birds page.

Here's a video of a TV feature on Birdsbesafe: Our local TV station made this report on Birdsbesafe in 2011. Our business has grown since this was made, including design changes to the product to make it better and more durable. Here's a testimonial by a wildlife rehab center in California.

Thanks for learning more about Birdsbesafe and how to protect birds from cats!

Recent Articles

Bird Love
July 27, 2014
There isn't a better way to say it: I love birds. I'm the originator and owner of Birdsbesafe LLC and I love birds. It's mid-summer in Vermont where I live. Last weekend, I couldn't think of any reason not to hike to the top of our favorite local mountain. It was a multi-hour hike through the woods, surrounded almost the entire time by bird song. I think the cloud cover helps the songbirds want to keep singing, even through mid-day. I heard beautiful Hermit Thrush melodies that always overwhelm me. I caught a coveted glimpse of a Black-throated Green Warbler, known locally as easy to hear and hard to see. And near the summit, I heard the local star, the Bicknell's Thrush quite a few times, but no lucky glimpse of one. It's okay: I just love hearing my bird friends sing.
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Reminder: A Collar and Collar Cover are Sold Separately
June 14, 2014

Hi Friends, old and new. Just a friendly reminder for when you are shopping online on our website.

1. Need to put a Birdsbesafe cat collar cover on your cat? You'll need a collar. Purchase both items, a collar cover and a collar separately, on our website, unless you already have a breakaway cat collar you like.

When you buy our Birdsbesafe® collar cover, you are buying the bright fabric tube with its reflective trim, butyou will need a cat collar to use to attach the collar cover to your cat, and on our website, you need to buy the cat collar as a separate item.

We used to sell them as sets, but now we do not. They are sold separately to help with our managing inventory.


Scientific field study of Birdsbesafe covers continues at St. Lawrence University
April 13, 2014

It's spring again, even in upstate New York in Canton near the Canadian border. That's where Sue WIllson, Associate Professor of Biology, at St. Lawrence University, is continuing her field study of BIrdsbesafe's cat collar covers' effectiveness. She has rounded...