Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

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About the Birdsbesafe® Brand

Protecting wild birds from happy cats.

Our Product's Invention Story

Our cat George was an outdoor-going cat, living in our house in the Vermont woods. His hunting prowess and his lifestyle was already established before Ms. Brennan arrived and joined the household. Being a bird lover, Ms. Brennan hated to see George harm birds and bring them indoors through his cat door. But, as many cat owners know, it can be very difficult to change a cat's habits or corral a cat indoors after it is accustomed to freedom.

Ms. Brennan tried to find another solution. Adding bells to his cat collar had no noticeable effect. One fine spring day, George brought in a Ruffed Grouse that he had caught. This local game bird was as big as a small chicken.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Ms. Brennan found inspiration in that moment of seeing George and the grouse. An idea popped into her mind. "Didn't birds see bright colors super well? Bright colors could make him easier to see. Would birds have enough time to fly off?" It was certainly worth a try.

George BirdsBeSafe

Why bright colors? Ms. Brennan had learned that songbirds have a special ability to see bright colors well. Their eye anatomy was unique, and the birds could see bright colors extremely well in their visual environment.

Ms. Brennan wasted no time and sewed a tube of brightly colored fabric to put around George's cat collar. The hope was that it would make it easier for the birds to see him when he was stalking. Wearing bright colors, George didn't catch any birds for the first day, which turned into a week, which turned into a month, which turned into a summer. He had always brought his prey indoors, so the difference was dramatic and very clear.

There was peace and quiet at home--and an immense relief from guilt. Luckily, George didn't seem to mind wearing the collar cover and he seemed unperturbed by the change in his hunting prowess. After a year, he even started sleeping in at dawn, instead of hunting.

In the next 18 months, over two summers, George caught maybe 2 or 3 birds. He never brought another one in through his cat door. The trick of using bright colors was an astonishing success! With this innovation, Ms. Brennan had figured out how to help the birds be safe from George.

If George could be stopped so successfully, wouldn't the same product help many other cat owners protect birds in their yards? When Ms. Brennan realized that she had invented a powerful new conservation tool, she set about to make and market the product to help birds globally. 

Birdsbesafe was sold to The Power of Gratitude LLC in 2023 to a passionate cat and bird lover that intents to continue to grow the brand and save birds from happy cats worldwide.

Birdsbesafe® Brand

Birdsbesafe products were first marketed in 2009. There was a two-part mission: Test the product with cats across the U.S. and see if it worked well for other cats, and, then, work towards making it a well-known, widely marketed solution to outdoor cats preying on birds.

Scientific Validation In early 2015, a major milestone arrived when an independent scientific study was published confirming that Birdsbesafe cat collars work very effectively to reduce the numbers of birds killed by cats. This study opened the floodgates for many others that you can read about here.

Made in the U.S. Our Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers are proudly sewn in the U.S.

Thank you! The success of the Birdsbesafe® brand owes much to the help of our customers. We appreciate each and every social media post or word-of-mouth recommendation of our product. You, the cat-owners and bird-lovers, have helped us take our idea for an innovative product and make it a valuable tool for global bird conservation.

Thank you for caring about cats and birds!