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Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

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Customer Reviews

Protecting wild birds from happy cats.

Based on 832 reviews
Celtic Wind Birdsbesafe ® Collar Cover
Terri H. (Weatherford, US)
Lucky Birds!

Lucky’s styling in his Pride month collar and keeping birds safe.

These collars work! Plus they’re cute :)

My cats haven’t caught a bird since getting these collars! Plus they look adorable. The reflective trim was such a plus and my cats are really comfortable in them.

Rainbow Sally Birdsbesafe ® Collar Cover
Katherine K. (Takoma Park, US)
Out and about

His collar has a huge impact on his ability to catch birds. I can't remember the last time I saw evidence of a successful hunt, which he used to proudly bring to our porch.

Diagonal Stripes Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover
Rachel W.

I am handsome said George.

Red Ruby Birdsbesafe ® Collar Cover
M D.
No more murder!

Bought this after a slightly gruesome week involving 5 different small woodland creatures. Happy to say we haven’t had any incidents since! My 6-yr cat does not mind that she looks like a jester. Put one on my 1-yr cat too this spring, and he also is just fine with it (and also hasn’t managed to catch any birds/etc., though he sure has tried). Can be used on a collar that has an AirTag or GPS tracker attached (I have one on the wandering cat, one on the homebody cat). Highly recommend.

Rainbow Stripes Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover
It works

It’s effective my young cat is a busy hunter - this has worked! No deaths since we put it on her 👍

He loves it!

I bought the multi pack. I guess I didn’t tighten it enough because he came home that day without it on. So I tried a new one the next day. This one has lasted and plus he considers it a compliment somehow! Laugh out loud! I think he looks quite handsome in it and so does he. And so far all he has returned home with is an alligator lizard that was not very happy. All the birds in my yard has been safe ! thank you.

Tribal Stripes Birdsbesafe ® Collar Cover
Awesome product!

Have had this almost a month now and no birds caught! Our cat was bringing in live birds 1-2 times per week. So this collar was a relief to find. Now the birds (and myself) have no problem spotting her from afar.
The fabric is very good quality and my cat has no issue keeping it on.
I only make her wear it when she is outside. One thing to check if your cat is outside a lot is that there are no foxtails or spike weeds stuck in the fabric. This has not been an issue but it’s good to monitor so the cat does not feel like they want to take it off due to discomfort.
Would definitely recommend if birds are an issue.

Love Birdsbesafe collar collars

I am delighted to have found Birdsbesafe collar covers. These vibrant and colorful collars, paired with a loud bell, enable birds and other wildlife to detect my cat's presence. While I would prefer my adopted cat be entirely content indoors, she does not abide by such constraints. Thank you, Birdsbesafe, for prioritizing the safety of birds while acknowledging that some cats are, indeed, uncontainable. I truly love your work.

color pattern looks good on my cat

I easily see the reflective strip on the sleeve. I had no problem putting this on my cat's collar. He looks very regal. He doesn't go out a lot in the backyard but when he does I want the birds to see him. He is already a bright colored cat but I have a bird bath and a bird feeder in my yard so I get many feathered friends and when he isn't out with me in the backyard he sits at the door watching. You can still hear the bell once you put the sleeve over the collar. He has a breakaway collar. He wore it with no problem. The collar sleeve came with instructions on how to properly use this.

Stop your cat from catching birds

So far so good. I also added medium sized bells x2

Geodelic Birdsbesafe ® Collar Cover
Shalom M.
Adorable-Cuts back on bird kills

I loved this collar. It was like putting my cat in high fashion with a purpose. Before the collar, my cat was bringing birds inside through her cat flap every few days. After the collar she didn’t bring any in for several weeks. Then it was every few weeks that she would still get one, because my cat is an amazing and very adaptive hunter. But it did cut back on frequency!
Unfortunately, she did eventually lose the collar due to the breakaway band I had it on, and I was super disappointed. But I would buy this item again.

Geodelic Birdsbesafe ® Collar Cover
Seems to deter smarter prey

First of all, I just like to see my cat walking around in a circus collar.
He seems to have less success nabbing prey like birds and rabbits, but frogs and lizards aren't bright enough to realize what's coming I guess.
Added bonus: it makes my black cat easier to find in shadowy spaces.

2 Set Birdsbesafe Covers + 1 Breakaway Cat Collar
Alison K.

Fugazi and Magnus.

The collar has been very effective

This is Alice patiently waiting for me to open the door. The collar has been very effective in preventing her from getting birds.

My cat, Fish

Here are some photos of my cat, Fish, wearing his Birdsbesafe collar! 😀 He is on Instagram at @fish_the_kat and we'll be happy to share if you tag him if you post something there!

Tribal Stripes Birdsbesafe ® Collar Cover
Cynthia E.
We LOVE the collars!!!!!

Here are a few photos of Loki in his collar. I can't find photos of him outside wearing his collars - tho' of course he does and that's why we purchase Birds Be Safe collars!!

We LOVE the collars!!!!!

Since wearing the collars, he has only caught two birds in two or three years - can't remember when we first got the collars.

He does lose them time to time - and also I have found them in the yard, lol. I throw them in the wash and air dry - they come out great!

I love changing the collars for the season.

If you had a seasonal pack - maybe set of four - I bet it would sell well!

I'm happy to provide a testimonial. WE LOVE OUR COLLARS! And I tell everyone about them!!

FYI, we have a second cat - she is a wanderer and wears a tracker - it's been too hard to do both birdsbesafe collar and tracker -- plus she isn't a hunter like Loki. We had a third cat who passed. I wish I'd known about the collar sooner bec she was a very skilled hunter. She wore her collar in last season of life.

We are animal lovers - birds, cats, bees, etc.! My yard is planted with many CA natives and I do what I can to support wildlife. Also, impossible to keep cats inside bec laundry room is outside and other complexities.

Works well, but would prefer organic &fair-traded cotton, or recycled ♻️

Our cat unfortunately is a great bird-hunter.. BUT it seem that your collar cover is working very well. We never find dead birds in the garden anymore - which I assume is a good sign ❤️ The downside is that the collar fabric ain´t (as we know) either organic, fairtrade og recycled. We would encourage you to use organic and fair-trade alternative. Preferably recycled if that would be possible 🫶🏼 This will also help birds and people struggling with loss of habitats and environmental issues caused by conventional cotton-production.

Red Ruby Birdsbesafe ® Collar Cover
Jennifer S.
It works!

Our cat was averaging 1-2 birds a week, until we got this thing. It didn’t immediately stop, but her accuracy waned until she basically gave up. She doesn’t seem to mind it, but we put it on every morning and take it off at night. It has gotten caught once or twice on a busy but it’s easy to locate.

Geodelic Birdsbesafe ® Collar Cover
Birds be safe Collar

I love the collar, and with the help of loud bells I’m hoping the birds are going to see and hear the cat before he sees the birds. The cat has no issues with wearing the collar, and he can also groom with it on. I’m definitely going to order another to have as backup.

Tribal Stripes Birdsbesafe ® Collar Cover
Liking it so far.

When I adopted 2 kittens this gal decided she’d become an outdoor cat. She wears a loud bell on her collar but I wanted to be sure she’d not be a bird killer. She has no problem wearing this and I think it’s cute. Hopefully come Spring the birds will all be safe.

Reduced hunting success!

My black cat is a great hunter. He has brought in birds,mice and even a bunny! After the bunny incident I knew I had to do something. I started buying these three years ago. They are pretty,durable,washable, my cat doesn't mind them and they make him easy to see. Birds see colors, so now they can see him coming. They are trimmed with reflective material too.This has reduced his bird kill from 2 or3 a week to or 1 or 2a month.

Proud members

Our Walter and Mollie are proud to be members of the BirdsBeSafe community!

Puzzle Birdsbesafe ® Collar Cover
Kabita S. (San Francisco, US)
Cat loves to wear her collar

Our cat, Belle, is a great hunter. At first, we celebrated her prowess and were tolerant of her supplementing her diet with mice, gophers and rats. However, when she started bringing home hummingbirds, we had a problem. She liked to bring the hapless beauties into the house and let them fly around for sport. Once caught, feathers, poo and body parts were scattered throughout our home. My husband found the collar online and we gave it a try. She seemed to tolerate it okay and true t advertising, it seemed to give the birds enough warning that our peaceful home was restored.

Belle is an unusually well behaved cat. She naturally knows that she is welcome on the floor, her cat perch, our laps and the bed. One day, we noticed the collar needed a bit of cleaning, so we popped it in the wash and left it on the counter to dry. Later in the day, Belle found the collar and brought it to where I was sitting and mewed . Though we never saw her in the counter before, she had retrieved the collar from the counter and brought it to me. It really seems she wanted me to put it on. Since then, it happens every time we remove the collar and leave it on the counter. It seems Belle not only tolerates the collar, but loves it!