It's a Flying Cat with a Birdsbesafe Cat Collar Cover!

Posted on March 27, 2017 by Nancy Brennan

Birdsbesafe LLC has some new publicity, here. The west coast magazine, Pacific Standard, took an interesting approach to profiling our product. Julie Christe, a European photographer, used a technique of gently dropping a cat from a few feet in the air (onto a soft surface, harmlessly) and catching the cat mid-fall. This photo-technique has been dubbed "Flying Cats".

I admit, when we first heard about a Flying Cat photo-shoot, we had visions of panic-stricken cat expressions pared with our lovely Birdsbesafe neckwear. But, we were reassured that all would be well with the cat subjects and the resulting photos, and so it is. Be sure to check out the video and the article! Wish we could have been there to watch, too.

Note: The article, by Peter Andrey Smith, quotes the B-b-b-billion plus number of birds purportedly caught by cats each year in the U.S. As we have discussed elsewhere in this blog, that is Peter Marra's often-quoted figure, not ours. It seems to inspire a lot of heated discussion.

We don't know the number of birds caught by pet cats that go outdoors. We know about 50 - 60 million of the 100 million pet cats in the U.S. are estimated to go outdoors routinely. And if each of those cats caught one bird per year, that would be 50 - 60 million birds, so with that in mind, it definitely seems that there is a need for a variety of approaches to lowering cat predation on birds. That's simply how we see it.

And, no one person or organization can reduce cat predation on birds to zero, but one cat owner at a time, people can decide to keep a cat indoors, use a leash and harness, build a pet enclosure, or use Birdsbesafe cat collar covers to lower the number of birds caught by their cats.

If you are the cat owner of one of those cats that go outdoors, you will likely have a good idea if your cat has a bird-hunting habit. If they do, you will find our product to be immediately and sustainably effective at reducing the number of birds caught by your cats. It's not spin. It's because it works.

Our product often meets with skepticism of one kind or another. We get it. It's a funny-looking neck scarf, so it's hard to appreciate that it's a serious, well-researched, well thought-out bird conservation tool. But it is. Life is funny, sometimes. We used a trick of biology (songbirds seeing bright colors) to stop our own cat from catching birds, and then, when it lowered his horrible hunting to almost nil, we thought: Hey, let's try to help other cat owners protect birds in their yards.

That was 8 years ago, and now, Birdsbesafe cat collar covers have been profiled on the BBC, in Audubon magazine online, in many many publications; have been the subject of scientific field studies; are under consideration for endorsement with bird conservation groups; are sold in 100 stores; sell all across North America and Europe.

And word keeps spreading, among cat owners, "Hey, Birdsbesafe really works!" It all started because we love birds, and because we had a mission to help you protect them. Thanks for caring about cats and birds! The best is yet to come!

Building Peace Between Cats and Birds

Posted on December 02, 2016 by Nancy Brennan

Bergamot for Birdsbesafe. Copyright 2016 Birdsbesafe LLC all rights reserved
A new book by Peter Marra and Chris Santella, entitled "Cat Wars", discusses the conservation issue of cat predation on wildlife. The authors' approach to the subject divides the interested factions into "cat people" versus "bird people."
We have a few thoughts on the topic, ourselves, after 7.5 years of hearing from cat owners who are concerned about protecting birds.

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BBC and Birdsbesafe!

Posted on November 29, 2016 by Nancy Brennan

Birdsbesafe cat collar

Hello friends of cats and birds in the UK. We were just featured on the BBC's show "The One". Terrific!

Here's the link, viewable in the UK only in this format:

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It Takes a Village

Posted on October 04, 2016 by Nancy Brennan

It takes a village to raise a child, they say, and it certainly takes a village to start a business from scratch. We have always been lucky finding support for our efforts at Birdsbesafe LLC.

Our business lost a member of its inner circle today, with the passing away of our gentle mentor and personal friend. He was our first champion of our efforts here, and he sustained his enthusiasm, never balked at our questions, gave expert advice, and celebrated our successes.

He always looked at the glass as half full, and although that is a cliche, when you are running a business, it is good to have someone a phonecall away who can describe any challenge as an opportunity. And it's even better when they have faith in your ability to persevere and succeed. I was blessed to have this MBA consultant "on call" for the last eight years, generous with his time and his guidance.

We will continue to try to honor him by being a strong business with a great product that helps saves birds far and wide. Thank you, PD, for your grace and strength, in business and life. We are beholden. And we will miss you, dearly, not just in business, but in all else.

What about Feral Cats?

Posted on September 08, 2016 by Nancy Brennan

We hear from people and from groups, wanting to know if we would recommend using the Birdsbesafe® cat collar cover on feral cats. Sorry, no, we don't recommend it at this time. Our pet product is a well-designed, validate solution for protecting birds from pet cats is not really a great match for feral cats.

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Two New Articles on the Impact of Cats on Birds

Posted on July 14, 2016 by Nancy Brennan


Birdsbesafe wearing cat posing in a tree

Recently, Birdsbesafe products have been mentioned in two new articles penned by wildlife rehabilitation centers in California. Read one or both for a good overview of why the impact of cats on birds is an important wildlife issue.

The first article describes the use of "catios" and other ways to mediate the impact of cats on wildlife. It was written by staff of WildCare in Marin County.

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How Does a Birdsbesafe Collar Cover Fit Around my Cat's Collar?

Posted on June 19, 2016 by Nancy Brennan

Are you wondering how a cat collar goes inside of the Birdsbesafe® collar cover? We know it is a little hard to visualize. This description should help!

It’s important to understand that you need two parts in order to put the fabric Birdsbesafe® Cover on your cat. You need: the Birdsbesafe® collar cover and an interior cat collar (with the buckle).

The cat collar can be any brand of cat collar. Maybe your cat has one already? It should be a breakaway buckle type that releases under pressure for cat safety.

Here’s a photo of how the collar looks, inside the Birdsbesafe® cat collar cover.
Birdsbesafe Collar Cover with Cat Collar Inside of It

You can adjust the fit of the interior cat collar in the normal way that most cat collars are adjusted—with the slider part, adjusting the overall length.

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