Patents and Related Product Information - U.S., E.U., and Canada

We're devoted to helping save birds from outdoor-going cats around the world. We've been on a nearly six-year adventure in creating and refining our Birdsbesafe® solutions.

The current Birdsbesafe collar cover is patent #D726,974 in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our Birdsbesafe cat collar covers are registered community designs in the European countries participating in OHIM (RCD # 002373548-0001 and 0002) as well as registered in Canada (#154371). A prior product is also patented. We have a federally registered Trademark name in the U.S. and it is pending in various EU countries (2016). More details available upon request.

We are equally proud of our exclusive and detailed knowledge with regard to fabric patterns and colors that are most effective at protecting songbirds in North America and Europe. Through six years of sales, customer feedback, product testing, and analysis, we have deduced a complex "fabric formula" for success at warning birds from cats.