Wildlife Rehabilitation

Chestnut-sided warbler

Songbirds and Wildlife Rehabilitation

You may be aware that there is a network of wildlife rehabilitators across North America, and indeed in many parts of the world. Their concerns vary from helping any and all wildlife to helping, for example, just birds of prey or just songbirds.

Wildlife rehab work often is volunteer work or is done as the mission of a nonprofit organization. We find that the people involved in this work are caring and dedicated.

Birdsbesafe has been honored to be well received by wildlife rehabilitators from our own corner of Vermont to Connecticut to California and Oregon and beyond.

You can read a wonderful testimonial about Birdsbesafe® by Pacific Wildlife Care here.

If you want to learn a little bit more about wildlife rehabilitation and their organizations, you can find many links and information here at the "wildlife rehab info" website.

Perhaps you will be inspired to seek out the wildlife rehabilitators in your area and see if you can give them a hand, in some way.

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