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We help birds be safe from your outdoor cat.
Birdsbesafe® collar covers make your cat more visible to birds, so birds have time to fly away to safety.

Cats normally rely on being stealthy while hunting. Their stalking behavior lets them get close to their prey, unseen. But, Birdsbesafe's bright colors help cats be easily seen by songbirds. Seeing the threat, birds take action. To avoid the cat, birds fly to safety!  With a Birdsbesafe® collar cover, it's like your cat is wearing a bright flag that signals: "Danger! Danger!" The patented Birdsbesafe® solution will typically reduce birds caught by 87%! 

Bird Biology: Songbirds see bright colors especially well, even in low light conditions. Their tetrachromatic vision emphasizes bright colors in their visual field, and their extra rods help those colors be seen well even at dawn or dusk.

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Scientific Study Of Birdsbesafe Collar Covers

An independent scientific field study was conducted at St. Lawrence University, in New York, U.S. Describing our device as "highly effective," the study is reported in the Global Ecology and Conservation Journal. With year-round use, you can expect about an 87% reduction in birds caught by cats that wear Birdsbesafe® collar covers.

The authors wrote: "The conservation implications are clear: if owners of outdoor cats choose to use Birdsbesafe® collar covers, a significant factor in the decline of bird populations would drop precipitously." See our summary here for more details on the 2013-14 study.

Australian Study: Another science study was led by Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. Their study showed their local birds with good color vision and herpetofauna were significantly protected by our products, with a combined 49% reduction. Our summary is here.

Cat Safety: The Birdsbesafe collar cover is shaped like a tube, and you insert a breakaway-buckled cat collar inside of it. Both parts will release under pressure for your cat's safety. Choose your own cat collar or try one that we sell.

Cat Comfort: Cats can wear our products while grooming, feeding, and enjoying cat life. The cotton fabric nicely pads the collar hardware, too.

Reflective trim on the Birdsbesafe® collar cover helps protect your cat from cars at night. Bonus: Shine a flashlight in your yard at night to spot your cat easily.

Fabric Formula: Our patented Birdsbesafe® collar covers are sewn in the U.S. We choose fabrics with colors and patterns that are based on ten years of research and field-testing. Our exclusive "fabric formula" ensures the Birdsbesafe cat collar cover work well to protect birds!

Success: Birdsbesafe® collar covers function very well, even for highly skilled cats. The effect is immediate and enduring. The protection provided by Birdsbesafe® covers will be about 87% reduction in birds caught, but not every bird will be protected 100% of the time. See our FAQ page for some notes on limitations in performance. A bird must be able to see the cat's colorful neckwear and, then, be able fly away to safety.

Feedback: You can read many testimonials on our Feedback page. One customer wrote: "I am happy to report that since I put the Birdsbesafe collar [cover] on my cat, I have not had any dead birds delivered to my door. She doesn't seem to mind wearing them at all and they look adorable. THANK YOU!"

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Recent publicity finds Birdsbesafe® products featured in Pacific Standard magazine, on the BBC's The One Show, in The Atlantic online, Audubon magazine online, Smithsonian online, Conservation magazine, Discovery News, Mother Nature News, and many more. See more stories on our press page.

An Important Conservation Issue: There are 100 million pet cats in the U.S. and about the same number in the UK and EU combined. If you let your cat outdoors, where it can hunt, please try to help the birds be safe. See our Cats'n'birds page for more information on cat predation. See our FAQ page for product details.

Join us in protecting birds from cats with our patented, scientifically proven solution!
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