Birdsbesafe® Cat Collar Cover

U.S. Scientific Field Study in 2015

The first North American study showed an average of an 87% reduction in birds caught when cats wore Birdsbesafe covers in a study from St. Lawrence University in New York. The 2-season study found greatest protection in spring, an important time for migratory songbirds. The study's authors recommended its use to greatly reduce predation on birds by cats. Read more here.



Bird Conservation Organization Approval

Our bird-saving cat collar products are promoted by the American Bird Conservancy. They are also endorsed and sold by several European member groups of BirdLife International. Some regional wildlife and bird conservation organizations promote their use to help protect birds. While keeping your cat indoors is the best option for all protecting all wildlife, if your cat does range outdoors, please consider protecting the birds with Birdsbesafe® collar covers!