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Swiss Field Study

Protecting wild birds from happy cats.

Another field study of Birdsbesafe cat collar covers was completed at the Switzerland research group known as SWILD under Madeleine Geiger, in cooperation with the Swiss Ornithological Institute.

This field study's results were published in April 2022. With a small study of 31 cats, the researchers found a significant reduction of 37% in birds caught when cats wore Birdsbesafe devices.

Notably, many of the subject cats (up to 15 of 31) had long fur coats, which could possibly have influenced results by hiding too much of the Birdsbesafe fabric from the view of birds.

As a manufacturer of Birdsbsafe cat collar covers, we have had requests for custom products from cat owners of cats with long hair. These cat owners have observed that our normal width of a Birdsbesafe cat collar cover, which was designed with a short hair domestic cat's needs in mind, is often obscured by their long-haired cats' fur. So, we have, in some instances, over the past 14 years, been able to custom sew a wider width to good results. Anecodotally, these customers were pleased and said that their cat's hunting was reduced more with the wider Birdsbesafe unit.

Swiss cat with wider Birdsbesafe cat collar cover

In 2022, we made a wider Birdsbesafe unit available on our online store. You can see it there, now. Hopefully in the future, we can make it in more colors. One concern is that this wider width does affect the cat's drinking and eating, so please remove it when the cat is not roaming outdoors.

Hopefully a future study with long-haired cats can use this type of Birdsbesafe cat collar with a wider width.