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American Robin in Spring

American Robin in Spring

In Vermont, snow banks are starting to yield to the sunny days, and a little bit of last year's lawn is starting to show. This morning, I heard an old friend singing. Indeed, I saw my first American Robin of spring, and he/she was particularly dashing with an unusual eye stripe of white. Hello, Robin!

And when there are robins here, in northern Vermont, so near the mountains, then spring weather, growing flowers and more songbirds are not far behind. It has to be a birdwatcher's favorite time of year. New songs arrive in the dawn chorus; new birds return and look for nesting sites.

Birdsbesafe company is looking forward to helping you, this year, with your bird-protecting. No matter where your cat may be living, outdoors those cats may try to hunt. With Birdsbesafe cat collar covers, your stealthy cat becomes more visible to birds. Songbirds see bright colors especially well due to their unique eye anatomy, with a fourth cone emphasizes color vision. If you let your cat outdoors, please give the birds a very good chance to see your cat in time to fly to safety.

As always, thank you for caring about cats and birds. Together, we are making a difference!