Buying a Breakaway Cat Collar

Posted on December 13, 2018 by Nancy Brennan

When you put a Birdsbesafe collar cover onto your cat, it is held on by a breakaway cat collar. The Birdsbesafe cover is made of fabric and shaped like a tube, open at two ends. The cat collar goes inside it, and buckles both onto the cat.

Birdsbesafe cover and a cat collar, together, looks like this:

Birdsbesafe collar cover and cat collar inside

This is designed for your cat's safety, so that both elements will fall off if they are tugged on hard or if the cat caught them on something like a branch.

You choose the style and brand of collar that you like best, for your cat. You can purchase whatever brand, collar and buckle that you like. We think this is an advantage for you--because cats are picky and they have their preferences!

Usually we sell one or two brands of breakaway cat collars right here on the website, for you to buy, if you want to. December has found us selling product out very quickly - and today, Dec. 13, we don't have any collars in stock.

We will have cat collars for sale on our website, again, by at least Monday, Dec. 17.

Until then, look for a reliable, well-reviewed breakaway cat collar at the usual places. We often hear good reviews of Lupine brand, Coastal Pet brand (the newest of their buckle styles), RC Pet Products, and Country Brook Petz. These are just some of the good options. Your local pet store may have more advice, too.

Thank you! And we're sorry for any inconvenience!

  - Birdsbesafe co. thanks you for caring about cats and birds!