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Country Woman Magazine - and Birdsbesafe Collared Cats!

Country Woman Magazine - and Birdsbesafe Collared Cats!

Did you see our Birdsbesafe® cat collar cover in the June/July issue of Country Woman magazine? We have been enjoying the attention our product is getting with cat owners across the U.S.

We also enjoyed some publicity in a TV feature in the Netherlands, (link coming soon), and in FarmShow magazine from the U.S.

It takes a global village to publicize our bird-saving device, and we appreciate every one of the mentions and features that Birdsbesafe receives!

A few miscellaneous notes, before our holiday starts.

1) Shipping is limited over the holiday period from July 3 until July 7. Regular orders placed after 8 a.m. July 3 will ship out, First Class Mail, on Monday July 8th. Thank you!

2) We should remind our friends in the UK and EU that your country may assess customs fees, including a significant fee for the customs processing itself, and you are responsible for these fees before you receive your package.

We understand this is not a good condition, and we are working towards having outlets for our product within your country. Check our "in stores" list here, and scroll down to see EU country availability.

We appreciate all the people that contribute to making our products in the U.S.! Happy holiday to those of you celebrating in the U.S. this week. And thanks to all our global cat-owning friends--you are making an increasingly large difference with bird protection! More news soon!