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Emmy outdoors with Birdsbesafe cat collar cover

Testimonials from 2020

We really enjoy hearing from you about your successes with Birdsbesafe® collar covers on your cats protecting birds in your yards. Here's just a sampling of some recent emails that we have received! We appreciate every one of them.

Thanks for caring about cats and birds.

"We love your product, it’s amazingly effective…not a single caught bird since we’ve started using the collar covers. Wish all cat owners who let their cats outside knew about these."

"Thank you for such a wonderful invention !!!!!"

"My cat did have a breakdown when we put a bell on him. He doesn’t even notice your collar on him and i feel now the birds outside will be safe. Thank you for this wonderful product!"

"Such a simple invention but with huge pay offs for wildlife and families who want to own a cat who doesn’t leave dead animals around the house."

"I must say, I’m impressed. People laugh at him, but no birds, so I’m happy. Thank you ever so much."

"Thank you for a fabulous product! I volunteer in the birds section of a wildlife rescue organization so letting our adopted cat outdoors was not an option. A jet black cat lurking in the shadows is practically invisible. She was miserable, even in the mesh tent on the lawn that we provided, pacing and mewling. We have been using your collars for over three years now and there has been only one bird casualty. Thank you, thank you!"

 And we'll leave off with a photo of Rosie!