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Two New Articles on the Impact of Cats on Birds

Recently, Birdsbesafe products have been mentioned in two new articles penned by wildlife rehabilitation centers in California. Read one or both for a good overview of why the impact of cats on birds is an important wildlife issue.

The first article describes the use of "catios" and other ways to mediate the impact of cats on wildlife. It was written by staff of WildCare in Marin County.

It's a very sensible article, to our eyes, because it allows for the fact that the solution to cat predation is not "one size fits all". It shows our Birdsbesafe cat collar cover, which they offer for sale in their rehabilitation center, and names it as one of several solutions that cat owners can adopt. That is, actually, just how we see our solution: as one approach, not the only approach. Keeping cats indoors or building a catio may work for some cat owners. Birdsbesafe collar covers may work for others. With 65 million outdoor pet cats in the U.S., we think a many-pronged approach to protecting birds is best.

The second article, by the Marin County Humane Society, also features on an overview of the topic, with an emphasis on catios and a mention of Birdsbesafe cat collar covers.

Thanks for helping to spread the word! We're Birdsbesafe LLC, makers of the patented Birdsbesafe® cat collar cover. We have popularized our way of using bright colors to protect birds from cats since 2009. Our fabric choice is based on more than six years of careful research and analysis. Find our products here, online, or on, or at a retailer near you. Thanks for caring about cats and birds.