Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

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Crayon Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover

4.9 / 5.0 based on 816 reviews
$12.95 USD

Birdsbesafe Cotton Collar Covers

Our patented cat collars are made in the USA using all-cotton, washable fabric and are specifically designed to fit over standard breakaway collars. This means that our collar covers do not interfere with the safety feature of the breakaway collars, which are designed to release when snagged on an object, reducing the risk of choking or injury to your cat.

Crayon Style

The "Crayon" Birdsbesafe cover is a brightly colored fashion statement that can be seen by birds easily. Multicolored crayon goes great with all nature backgrounds and is a fantastic accessory to show off your feline friend on social media. Cats have been known to become instagram famous while sporting these beautiful collars.

Reflective Trim For Night Safety

In addition to its unique design, our collar cover includes reflective piping trim that enhances car safety at night. You can rest assured that your cat will remain visible to drivers, reducing the risk of accidents.

Collar Cover Details

Birdsbesafe patented cat collar is a cotton fabric tube, open on both ends, and will come off for safety when used with a breakaway buckled collar. Birdsbesafe collar covers reduced bird captures by 87% independent scientific studies. 

How it Works

Our collar covers work by making your cat more visible to birds, as the bright colors and patterns of the collar covers break up the cat's silhouette, making it easier for birds to spot and avoid them. When kitty is indoors, you may want to remove the collar for their comfort so that they may easily eat, drink or groom.

🐱 Please buy Birdsbesafe Collar Cover + a breakaway cat collar (our breakaway cat collars also include a bell 🔔).

Customer Reviews

Based on 816 reviews
Mary (Brisbane, AU)
Adorable and effective

My cats look freaking adorable AND they haven’t caught anything since wearing them

Meagan M. (Helena, US)
Birds Be Safe Collars for my 4 outdoor Cats

I am extremely pleased with my purchase of 4 collars from Birds be Safe. I had tried every collar out there to get my cats to stop hunting and killing birds and small prey. Since my cats have had their collars, we have not had one incident of dead or injured animals in or around our house. I will be ordering from Birds Be Safe in the future. Highly recommended!! Thank you!

looks like a scrunchie

Blackie came in without his collar so this is a replacement. We are trying this style for this first time and the best way that I can describe it would be comparing it to a scrunchie. An unfinished scrunchie that is, one without elastic and with open ends. It comes with a typical collar that you feed through the scrunchie. It arrived during a heatwave and I've been keeping my cats inside for now so luckily no recent bird casualties. It looks silly on him like he is wearing one of my scrunchies, (and for you men, a scruchie is a type of rubber band made of fabric that women use to make a ponytail). I'm still going to add a few more bells to this one as I did to his now lost collar to make it hard for him to walk quietly. He appears to be a bit perturbed about being turned into some kind of a rastafarian jester house cat but he earned it.

Emma H. (Surrey, CA)

My cat has several of these collars - gives him some wardrobe variety :) This is my favorite color combination! He looks great in it.

Fashionable, safe and effective

This really does prevent my little cat from catching birds and the reflective strip around the edge provides nighttime safety if she gets in the street. Plus, everybody thinks she is fabulous during pride month! Win-win:)