Introduction to Birdsbesafe Collar Covers

Cat Predation On Birds: Read Details in Sub-headings of This Menu

Please explore our subsections of topics in the drop-down menu below Cats'nBirds to read about cat predation generally, or to read about the scientific studies of Birdsbesafe in the United States and in Australia. We also present some of our thoughts on Birdsbesafe Product's Efficacy. There is also detailed information on Bird Vision, Containing Cats, and Wildlife Rehabilitation.

Need Other Options to Control Your Cat's Hunting?

Here is an article from the PetSafe blog, that lists many, if not all, of options for protecting wildlife from cats. Is there something more you can do? Options range from keeping your cat indoors, to using a cat enclosure or harness and leash. Birdsbesafe collar covers are also on the list.

Our Bottom Line: Birdsbesafe is One Good Option for Outdoor-going Cats

We're in business to help protect birds. We make a serious conservation tool that has global potential to protect birds from cats--and save millions of birds. Why are we so devoted to this endeavor? We love birds. It's really that simple.

We have the best customers ever, and we smile every time we read another success story that you send. Won't you join us in protecting birds from cats? Thank you!