Saving birds from cats with Birdsbesafe® collar covers

Birdsbesafe® collar covers protect songbirds from cats

No one likes their cat to catch birds, and cumulatively, the toll on songbirds reaches into the many millions. A Birdsbesafe® collar cover will typically reduce the number of birds caught by your outdoor cat by 87%, according to a 2015 North American science study. We've been saving birds since 2009 with our invention.

Cats normally rely on being stealthy and unseen while hunting. With Birdsbesafe's bright colors, the cats are easily seen by most songbirds.  Birds simply fly to safety!  It's like your cat is wearing a bright flag that signals: "Danger, here." 

Frida in VermontWhat is it? The patented Birdsbesafe® collar cover is a tube of bright colored fabric. You fasten it to your cat's neck with a breakaway cat collar. The combination of breakaway collar and Birdsbesafe® cover ensures your cat's safety.

Bird Biology : Songbirds see bright colors especially well due to their special eye anatomy, which includes a fourth cone for perceiving bright colors and extra rods to see the same colors well in low light.

Reflective trim on the Birdsbesafe® collar cover helps protect your cat from cars at night, by being visible in car headlights. Comfort: Cats can wear our products while grooming, feeding, and enjoying cat life. It's comfortable because the fabric pads the collar buckles and it's cute!

Science Studies: St. Lawrence University researcher, Dr. Susan Willson, led a study of the Birdsbesafe® collar cover's efficacy. 87% of birds are expected to be protected when cats wear Birdsbesafe® collar covers. "The conservation implications are clear: if owners of outdoor cats choose to use Birdsbesafe® collar covers, a significant factor in the decline of bird populations would drop precipitously." Read the full report in the Global Ecology and Conservation journal, here

Australian Study: There's also a second science study from Murdoch Univ. in Perth, Australia. Their study showed their local birds were significantly protected. 

Woody in his elementVisit our Shop Page to purchase yours!  Our Birdsbesafe® collar covers are sewn in the U.S. We choose our fabrics using our exclusive 25-point formula, which is based on 6.5 years of research and customer feedback. Cat Collars: We sell three styles of well-designed breakaway cat collars that pair well with our Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers.

Here's a handsome cat wearing Birdsbesafe. Feedback: You can read many testimonials on our Feedback page. One customer wrote: "I am happy to report that since I put the BirdsBeSafe collar on my cat, I have not had any dead birds delivered to my door. She doesn't seem to mind wearing them at all and they look adorable. THANK YOU!" Another customer, Elizabeth Gilbert, author, penned a blog post about Birdsbesafe here. "Dress up your cat. Save your local birds. It's awesome," wrote Ms. Gilbert!

Original Design: This patented innovation was invented to stop our own bird-obsessed cat from catching birds. Birdsbesafe® company began in 2009 and now we save many tens of thousands of birds worldwide! 

Recent publicity finds Birdsbesafe® products featured in stories in Audubon magazine online, Smithsonian magazine online, Discovery News, Mother Nature News, and many more. See all the links on our press page.

An Important Conservation Issue: Twelve to 16 birds are estimated to be killed per year by each of the more than 60 million outdoor pet cats in the U.S. Nearly 100 million individual birds may die annually from cat predation in this country alone. Cat predation on birds is a recognized conservation problem all around the globe. If you let your cat outdoors, please consider using a leash/harness, pet enclosure, or Birdsbesafe® collar covers. Read more about cat predation on birds on our "Cats 'n Birds" page.

For more product details, see our FAQ page. Thanks for caring about cats and birds.


Join us in protecting birds from cats! Thank you!