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Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

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Birdsbesafe Thinks Spring

Today, the thermometer at Birdsbesafe LLC headquarters in Vermont read zero degrees Farenheit, and yet, inside our office, everything is about the upcoming spring, as we are planning a banner year for Birdsbesafe and bird-saving. Here's a selection of what's in our "in-box" this week.

We received a nice cat photo today from a customer in Australia who reports that Henry has stopped catching birds since wearing Birdsbesafe. The photo will be put up on our Facebook page shortly. Very cute cat!

My town librarian, who has two new cats in her household, is stocking up for spring fashion with Birdsbesafe collars. And she writes: "I’m glad you’re doing so well. They really do work!!!" She likes the new pattern Vivid Stripes, she notes! "And reflective trim: cool!"

Then, there's an email from a product tester whose cat, in western Montana, is trying out a couple of different collars for us. His cat is a big "fan" of Birdsbesafe: oh, well, I mean, his cat's bird-hunting is primarily wrecked by Birdsbesafe. The cat's owner is a big fan! No word on how his cat really feels about it...

Then there's a note from a long-time customer in Ireland, who writes, after getting her first covers with reflective trim: "The new covers are gorgeous. Charlie looks a picture. ...Thanks again. I appreciate the fact that you have gone to the trouble to make a product which satisfies cat owners' worries and keeps birds safe. Kind regards." She likes the collar's breakaway buckle, she mentions, that release under pressure for cats' safety.

Along with these notes, orders are basically pouring in at ever-increasing rates. Another long-term customer in Australia just ordered 3 of every color we sell!!

Even though the air is too cold to smell spring yet in Vermont (and the chicadees are busy feeding at the feeder to stay nourished), we are thinking spring, birds, and bird-saving all the daylong.

To all who sent us a thank you note, photo, or testimonial, please know you make a huge difference to me personally and to this business. And to birds!

And for any of you on the fence about trying Birdsbesafe, jump right in and try it! It really works! We're heading into year five of being in business because our product works for your cats and birds! Please join us!