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Birdsbesafe® Cat Collar Covers and Your Cats

Birdsbesafe® Cat Collar Covers and Your Cats

It's raining cats and dogs in Vermont today. And it's cold. The migrating birds are just beginning to return to our region, but spring seems to be waiting a little longer than usual to arrive. Or maybe it just seems late because we have had snow on the ground since October and we're all ready for flowers to pop up. Just as soon as the snow goes away.

All of which reminds us that spring arrives to different areas of North America and Europe at different paces. (Not to mention arriving 6 months later down under.) Wherever you are, when the songbirds are plentiful in your yard and the weather is nice for cats to spend time outdoors, your feathered friends are at risk of being caught by your cat. Try our products this year!

We have a ten-year track record of successfully protecting birds from cats. Our product has been studied in field studies, confirming how well it works. It also has been tested in backyards all over the United States and Canada for ten years. We can assure you that the product succeeds from Alaska to Florida, from Maine to Hawaii. In Canada, the product is very popular, and we also have a wide group of cats wearing it from Iceland to the UK to France and Belgium, Switzerland and more.

We have satisfied cat owners all over North America, in cities, suburbs, on ranches or in the desert climes. Scientists may still be collecting more data for their studies in some locations, but as the makers of Birdsbesafe cat collar covers, we can tell you that the product works uniformly well in the northern temperate climates. Thanks for caring about cats and birds, and happy spring!