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Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

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Birdsbesafe collar cover in Birdies print

Ways to Protect Birds

In Vermont, it is almost bird-feeding season, which starts when the local black bears go into hibernation. Never a good idea to attract black bears to your yard with birdseed! We like feeding birds, but we try to do it at the right time.

We also keep our feeder up above a porch roof, so birds don't feed on the ground where they might be easy for predators to capture. We're in the bird-protecting business, afterall.

At Birdsbesafe® company, we sell Birdsbesafe cat collar covers to help protect birds from housecats. There are, of course, other ways you can protect songbirds. Here's a list of some options you should consider.

Ways to Protect Songbirds in Your Yard

1. Keep your cat indoors all the time. It's a terrific solution.

2. Keep your cat indoors at dawn and dusk, and in between nightfall and the morning.

3. Walk your cat on a harness, or keep your cat contained in an outdoor "catio" or enclosure of some kind.

4. Use our Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers on your cat to make the cat easy for birds to see and avoid.

5. Don't use a birdfeeder in a location that lets birds feed in groups on the ground if you have an outdoor cat. And don't have shrubbery or other visual barriers around the base of a birdfeeder -- eliminate places cats can hide from their prey until capturing birds.

6. Teach your neighbors about ways to protect birds from their cats. Try to do this with a calm tone and without accusing their cats of being killers of billions of birds.

7. Ask your local nature shop to carry Birdsbesafe cat collar covers or put them in touch with us via our website.

We're making a difference, with your help, in the impact of 100 million cats in the U.S. and more. Thank you for caring about cats and birds.