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Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

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Birdsbesafe cat collar covers save birds

Birdsbesafe® Highlights of 2015

Before the new year flies further away, here are the 2015 highlights for bird-saving with Birdsbesafe® LLC.

1. A new science study confirmed that Birdsbesafe collar covers protect about songbirds from cats that hunt, in the North American context. The St. Lawrence University study, reported in the Global Ecology and Conservation Journal that our products are highly effective. "The Birdsbesafe® collar is highly effective at reducing bird deaths. We strongly suggest its use... The Birdsbesafe® collar is an effective conservation tool for use on domestic cats."

2. Audubon magazine online follows-up with an article entitled, "How to Stop Cats from Killing Birds" profiling our product and interviewing Dr. Willson, about how the product helped her cat stop catching birds and led to her initiating a study of it.

3. Customers respond by flocking to the website and buying Birdsbesafe products for their cats. Colorful bedecked cats are now wearing our bright colors, coast to coast in North America, in Europe, and beyond.

4. Publicity goes viral in springtime, following a second science study from Perth University in Australia. The Australian Broadcasting Co. compares our product to a scrunchie hair-band, and the media runs with that headline: from, to and The Mirror, to, to Reddit, Mashable, MTV, WeatherChannel, Discovery, Discovery News, Mother Nature News,, and more.

(Please know: It's not a scrunchie at all. We have an exclusive tested "fabric formula" that we use to choose the right colors and patterns of fabrics for optimal bird protecting. And our product is tubular, and held in place by a breakaway cat collar: Both release under pressure for the cat's safety. Plus, it has reflective trim that shows in car lights at night.)

5. Our U.S. patent issues, along with our Canadian design registration.

6. Made in the U.S. – still and always. After a long search, we find our perfect sewing team-mates in a U.S. worker's cooperative. It's love at first shipment-of-new-inventory from our new partners.

7. Making an impression is fun! writes about our product on their blog. Conservation magazine writes an article about us. The Atlantic magazine publishes an article after an extensive interview. Smithsonian writes about our product the second time. We're written up in veterinarian journals, from Canada to France, from South Africa to Iceland. Wow!

8. Dr. Willson takes report of our product's science study to Europe with the International Conservation Biology Congress held in France. New Zealanders begin a two-month study of Birdsbesafe in the Wellington area.

9. More stores than ever carry Birdsbesafe collar covers by year's end! Check our growing list here.

10. We adore our loyal and happy customers! Last, never least, we enjoy the goodwill, data, and field testing of our customers, as together we save birds. A backyard innovation for our own cat has led to a thriving mission of bird-saving around the globe, thanks to our customers' willingness to dress up their cats in our funny, but functional, feline fashions.

Thanks to all of you who post, share, tweet, pin, and spread the word--and your own cat photos! Thank you for caring about cats and birds. If you can, keep your cat indoors and out of harm's way. If you do let your cat outdoors, keep most of the birds out of harm's way by making your cat very visible to birds in your yard. Thanks! Happy 2016.