Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

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Spring Birds and Birdsbesafe® for Your Cat

Spring Birds and Birdsbesafe® for Your Cat

Spring in North America and Europe! Spring means birds, and we are hard at work helping you protect birds in your yards.
Here's Cleo, contemplating her new spring fashion from Birdsbesafe! She's wearing "Fun Stripes", a new print. Here is a little more Birdsbesafe news of note.
  • We have a nice selection of colors and patterns, and one more new pattern is due along in July, as well.
  • For collar choices this spring, we are happily offering the Lupine brand in their color of "Lollipop". It looks super with each of Birdsbesafe collar covers. The Lupine cat collar has a nice quality buckle, that helps the collar stay on, but release as needed.
  • Some cats do well with stretch breakaway collars, but not all cats do! You may need to experiment a little bit. We wish all cats liked the same collars, but alas, we have not found that to be so. The two types that we currently sell, stretch with a breakaway buckle, and non-stretch with a breakaway buckle, each have high quality components. The buckles release with the right amount of pressure for most cats, as the buckles were specifically designed for cat collars. (Don't be afraid to ask your local independent pet store for advice on other collar brands, too.)
  • We're always adding new stores that vend Birdsbesafe collar covers, so check out the "in stores" page, to see if you can shop locally. We also sell on, where we fill our orders for you very fast and ship each day. No, we don't offer Prime status, but we do ship within 24 hours on business days.

As always, we remain devoted to our mission of protecting birds from cats. We are going into our tenth year of selling Birdsbesafe products. They're proudly sewn in the U.S. We're a small company, still run by the inventor of the Birdsbesafe cover,  with the same mission as in 2009: Let's protect as many birds from cat predation as we can. Thank you--because you are helping birds be safe from cats! Keep your cat indoors full-time if you can, but if you can not, please help birds be safe!

Thanks! And happy spring. Hope you do some birdwatching!