End of the year thoughts from Birdsbesafe LLC owner

Posted on December 27, 2009 by Nancy Brennan

As the year winds to a close, it's winter in Vermont where I live and the birds I see are mostly those that come to my feeder. I just made a poster for my Birdsbesafe office of many of my spring and summer bird visitors. 

I want to keep in mind all the songbirds and all the housecats. Birdsbesafe will end 2009 with high hopes for 2010. I've personally really enjoyed becoming a small business owner. Plus I know a lot more than when I started about how to run my business. 

Most importantly, as I go forward, I want to always keep in mind that my mission is clear: help significantly reduce cat predation on songbirds, world-wide. I am strategizing for 2010 and I've got some neat plans developing. 

I would love to hear more from customers who have tried Birdsbesafe Cat Collars, and I look forward to many more customers in the next year. It's a great product. Now that it's been better tested, I'm sure it will be easier for people to understand that it really does work. 

Sometimes simple, elegant solutions are the best. I hope that Birdsbesafe will reach you, your cat and your birds... so that the hardships songbirds near you face are not from your cat.