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Birdsbesafe Receives a Nice British Fan Letter

This email came today, and I thought I would share it with you.

"Dear Nancy,

I was getting so desperate about the number of birds my cat was killing. She was bringing in at least one forlorn, broken bird a day and I was beginning to hate and resent her -it felt like I was luring the birds to their deaths by putting feeders in the garden.

I wanted to believe that something as simple and cheap as your big red ruff was going to be my solution ....but was very sceptical about it - it seemed too easy.

But since it has arrived - and she doesn't mind a bit about wearing the thing - she has brought in just one bird (four rats, actually, but this ruff is not designed for rodent safety I know).

It has been fantastically effective, Nancy. It has entertained the neighbours as well!

For the sake of British birds, I wish more people knew about it here."
(signed ...)

We appreciate the comments. Spread the word and save the birds!


Birdsbesafe Chick