Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

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Birdsbesafe® Co. Going Strong in 2016!

We have just passed the Seven-Year mark as a company. Time flew by! Birds flew away from cats! Customers around the world discovered how to dress their cats in bright fashions to protect birds!

Here are some quick highlights and a look ahead.

  • We're happy that we took the first steps in 2009 to share our invention with others. We had solved our cat's bird-hunting problem by using a fact of science (that songbirds see bright colors superbly well due to their anatomy) and making our cat more visible to--and avoidable by--birds. It was just too good a solution to keep to ourselves. Birdsbsafe® LLC began in 2009 to popularize our invention.
  • Our Feline Fabric Formula for Successful Bird-saving: We are proud of the research that led us to develop our "fabric formula" so that our fabrics optimally protect birds. Next step: We'll be designing our own fabrics later in 2016 to keep up with fashion and function, both!
  • Science Studies: We now know that in the North American context, you can expect an average of 87% reduction in birds caught, according to an independent scientific field study. That number matched our customers' results, but it was so nice to have it validated.
  • Customers Spread the Word. Our customers have become our products' cheerleaders, with photos, social media, and backyard promotions and more. Thank you!
  • Stores, Media and More. New stores are beginning to carry our products, here in the U.S. and also globally. We've received prestigious reporting about Birdsbesafe in The Atlantic (online), Audubon (online) and Smithsonian (online) magazines. (Find the details on our Press page.) Going forward, we're reaching out more to conservation groups that want to help us help you protect birds from cats. Stay tuned!
  • It's All About the Birds. There are 100 million pet cats in the U.S., alone, and that more than half of these pet cats go outdoors daily. If you have a cat that goes outdoors, do your part to protect birds. The numbers are really adding up to make a difference.
  • A Bird-lover's Personal Satisfaction. As the owner of Birdsbesafe® company and the inventor and designer of Birdsbesafe collar covers, I work tirelessly to protect birds. Every day is a good day as we continue to help more and more cats wear feline fashion with a function--and save birds. Thanks, everyone, for seven years of bird conservation.